It’s A Love Thang

It’s always Love.

Not everything is Love.

Some comes in the face of deceit.

Some comes empty in cases of Hope.

Some comes in unpretty packages.

I came into Love as a girl.

A Black Girl with an attitude.

Soft, and aggressive; Also Kind.

A Black girl with a Big imagination,

And an active Mind.

A girl who was black in skin and hair.

4C hair with Kinks and not Curls.

Black girls like me didn’t always

See the best parts of Love.

We didn’t always get Love offered on a platter.

To some of us, Love never mattered.

Sometimes respect was enough.

Sometimes Lust was enough.

Sometimes attention was enough.

We found other ways to fill our cup.

This made us tough, sometimes rough.

But survival isn’t a choice, it’s Law.

Even though on the side of Love,

I often got the short end of the straw,

I still walk head high, standing tall,

Even after a fall.

I loved a man once,

He didn’t love me correctly.

Nothing new to me,

Many times Love already rejected me.

His rejection cut like a knife,

But never that deep.

Was his blades too cheap?

Many times I though I was heartbroken and damaged,

Yet somehow I always seem to manage.

Without his love, I was Still Okay,

I was never lacking Love or a deficit,

His Love was not big enough to fit.

But I was still able to love deeply without reciprocation,

Ignorance in Love unfairly became my reputation.

Yet, I Am Mastering the Love of ME.

Was I too smooth with it, for them to see?

When they couldn’t,

Who do they think was loving me?

It’s always been Love.

Often my demeanor was cold,

Sometimes too hot,

Sometimes too Bold.

But Truth Be Told,

My Love is too precious to be sold.

It comes as a taboo or a paradox,

No games, and not sneaky like a fox.

My Love can come as calm as a sea,

Or as hard as a Rock.

Depending on what the opposition brought,

My Love is Both offensive, and reactionary,

It can be frequent, shattering, or stationery,

But My Love is My Sanctuary.

It has to be protected,

Too many times mistreated, misconceived, and neglected.

Sometimes it knows, sometimes it’s choosy,

Sometimes I guarded it tight,

Sometimes I gave it loosely,


Naively. Deceitfully.


But it’s a Love Thang Always.

At Least for Me.

It’s Real,

It can feel or possibly kill.

It can awaken or thrill.

Depends on what you feel.

And usually I will let you know the deal.

My Love can stay on chill.

My Love can feel hot as fire.

But it’s a Love Thang,

Whatever path my Heart desires.

Even if there’s a block, I choose.

If I want to knock down these walls,

Or Walk away.

And I will not Lose.

Either way Love wins.

It’s a Love Thang, Where ya Been?

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