The Sistah-Hood

The Phoenix Rising Sistah-Hood is a sistah-hood that meets weekly, monthly, and yearly centering around creating happier and healthier lives for black women.


1. To provide a safe space where black women can heal.

2. To create self-sustaining solutions for black women.

3. To connect with black women through the practice of self- preservation.

4. To connect with black women through the power of Sistah-Hood.

5. To inspire the next generation of black girls into becoming empowered black women.


1. To inspire and empower black women all over the world.

2. To assist black women in achieving healthier, happier, and care free lives.

3. To create long lasting solutions to counter the oppression against black women.


1. To touch the lives of as many black women as possible.

2. To help black women all over the world achieve happiness and success in their daily lives.

3. To guide and motivate black women to complete their personal and professional goals.

4. To be accountable for living a life where black women are satisfied and fulfilled.

5. To develop black women to become leaders in their families, communities, and nations.

6. To build a network of professional black women.

7. To create a world where black women can be safe, happy, and free.

Future Goals For The Sistah-Hood

1. Create a global and purposeful sistah-hood and support network

2. Seminars for black women that centers various topics that can enrich the lives of black women.

3. Retreats centered on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing

4. Local chapters all over the world

5. Organizations centered on the empowering of black women and girls

6. Professional training, mentorship, and financial resources for black women

7. Wellness and counseling centers for black women

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