The Phoenix Rising Sistah-Hood


This sistah-hood will be broken down into four phases and host monthly centered on a topic for each month. all calls will be centering black women and sistah-hood, with a focus on improving the lives of each member. Join us today in our sistah-hood and watch your life improve over the course of 2019!



Operation Restoration (January-March 2019)

Going through life as a black woman comes with many difficulties. Often when trying to resist against our oppression we can fall from grace. These set backs can have long-lasting effects, but through resiliency we can overcome any obstacles. Operation Restoration will be three months of challenges to restore ourselves onto our thrones. Each black woman has a gift that can be used not only to rebuild herself, but empower the lives of those around her. The purpose of Operation Restoration will be to rebuild from losses and set back to restoring ourselves through resiliency and self-care. All topics discussed on the calls will be centered around self-care, healing, coping and life skills.




Operation Self-Preservation (April-June 2019)

During Operation Self-Preservation we will take a deep look into our current position in life, where we see ourselves in the future, and how we will get there. We will create personal, professional, and collective blueprints to the life we desire and want to build for ourselves. Self-preservation is key to maintaining balance and longevity in our lives. We will discuss topics centered on personal goals and visions, action plans to achieve our goals, self-care, and time management. We will use the self-care methods learned during Operation Restoration to keep balance in our daily lives as we travel in our journey into self-mastery.



Operation Transformation (July-September 2019)

During Operation Transformation we will be putting our money where our mouth is. We will be actively working towards our goals by using the plans we created during the previous two phases. Our sistahs will be our accountability partners, and we will motivate each other along our journey. We will network and share resources pertaining to our plans and goals. We will put all of our plans into fruition. We will transform our lives into the life we want for ourselves, and will use our sistah-hood as our backbone.



Operation Sustainment (October-December 2019)

Once we transform ourselves into better versions of ourselves, we will create a sustainment plan to maintain all that we have achieved. We will finalize all plans and goals we have for ourselves and we will create a collective blueprint for our newly formed sistah-hood. We will discuss any expansions of not only our personal goals, but also the goals of our sistah-hood to create more opportunities for black women in our families and communities.


Monthly Calls: sistah-hood circle

We will meet once a month for a sister therapy session to discuss current situations and to provide and trade solutions that centers on personal growth. these calls will  Network building call for resources, finances, business owning, and professional services. These calls will have an objective of creating a network of black women with small businesses.. A book will be chosen at the beginning of each month The book will be centered around the topics of: 1. Woman’s history (Particularly Black Women’s History), 2. Interpersonal relationships between black women, her partners, her children, her family, her community, and the society around her), 3. Spiritual tools for self-growth, and healing trauma, 4. Self-Love and manifestation affirmations, 5. Resources for black women to use for personal and professional growth, 6. Natural remedies for healing purposes, 7. Sistah-hood. A topic will be chosen at the beginning of each month, this will be to share the journal entry related to the topic. This is to help get sisters in the habit of journaling and writing out their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and transforming LIVES.

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