The Baddest Piece on the Board is The Queen,

But What if there was a Master- Peace?

A Board Piece that is Indestructible.

A Piece that represented a Partnership,

That is Unbreakable.

And Unbeatable.

A Legacy; Not disturbed.

That No Army or Team could beat.

That No money or energy could over-top.

And is Infinite or Eternal;

I told Him I wanted a Master-Peace.

What is His definition?

Is it As Solid As Mine?

Is He Ready?

I don’t know if He Is.

I’ll hold down the Fort,

Until He arrives.

So I can Thrive.

The moment I feel so Alive?

I’ll see my legacy carry on in Stride.

Work Like a Hive,

But Mine will carry on silently.

No Buzz.

Less violently,

Less Blind.

A proud Mama to say… “That is Mine.”

A proud Family.

Full of heirlooms, and treasures.

To bask in the Glory, and not just whatever.

To remain strong through storms, and any weather.


Ready or Not,

We will come,

Until we rest on the throne of our Kingdom.

No bitter taste where we bleed,

I Am Ready, Is He?

Someone New.

Who Found a Clue.

Feature Photo Art by: Getty Images

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