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This is a website and Blog dedicated to black womanhood where I write about my personal experiences and observations throughout my life as a black woman. To get to know the Author and Creator, check out my short Bio by locating “I Am” in the top menu.

After reading a little bit about me, head over to “Experience: The Blog” to see my latest blog posts, and enjoy reading the beauty and art in this journey called, Life. My blogs will center around black womanhood, black culture, and my experiences from a girl to a grown woman. My blog will also provide many encouragement and solutions to the daily struggles of navigating in this world as a black woman.

I am also accepting donations to maintain this blog site, support for my upcoming book, and to add services to this website in the near future. This is located in the top menu under, “Donations”. Anything donated will count and will be used responsibly. I also will be donating to several charities and organizations that provide services to black woman and girls.

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