“I Am”

My name is Tanisha, and I am a black woman who is a writer, a visionary, a transformation life coach, a ritualist, and a scholar of sacred HerStory. I am a graduate of two social work programs, and serve as a social and political advocate for black women and girls. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in social work and plan to use it to life coach and write books that focuses on healing from trauma, mental illness, and spiritual warfare. I am also diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar disorder after my sister was murdered. I plan to tell my story to help other black women feel seen, heard, felt, and understood while exposing how the systems of oppression have contributed to my mental illness. I am a Phoenix who have risen from the ashes, sharing my journey to aid in the restoration of black women and girls who are transforming into their own rising Phoenixes. I analyze, assess, and provide effective solutions for a magnitude of personal and interpersonal issues that black women experience. I use my gifts of vision, insight, and writing to heal, restore, and empower black women as a passionate advocate of self, women’s rights, and sacred sisterhood. This is my primary goal and destiny. I am thankful to myself, God, my anestors, my family, and my sistahs for sharing this journey with me.