Champion: Win This Game Of Life

As a woman who has been treated so brutal by others, I’ve grown to not give a fuck about how others view me. As long as they don’t put their hands on me, I’m good. As long as they don’t fuck with my money, I’m good. As long as they give me money, I’m good. Fuck your feelings and your sorries. That’s the best advice I can give to anyone who has been victimized. I rather empower them, then have them out here begging for better treatment from evil people.

My best advice is for you to tap into your darker side and play the game ferociously. Or get your money and sit out the game when you’re rich. Focus on the people that celebrate you and laugh at the people that TRY to tear you down. Develop thicker skin, a cage around your heart, and oil that crown. There is no winning the game of life without a fight.

I say this to any marginalized group. Find your allies and ignore (or take down) your haters. Begging people to change is a waste of time. People respect POWER. And the more you empower yourself, the more you’ll be respected. In this hell of a world, people HATE victims and those that whine. I rather empower victims than cry at the feet of the oppressors. I rather empower victims, then beg people to respect them. Those people aren’t worthy of their love and affection and if they fuck with your money, you can sue them. I say the same thing about black women towards black men. GIVE THEM NOTHING IF THEY DON’T RESPECT YOU. If they pose a threat, you know what to do. Every group has enough allies to shake something. FIGHT BACK. That’s all I got.

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