Black Women’s Stages Of Awakening

Some stages that black women will go through in life that are damn near inevitable:

Black Pride: She’ll come to understand that her race is not a disability. She is not a slave. She is a product of a bloodline of strong Ancestors that fought for the freedoms she has today. Therefore, she is proud.

The Mammy Wake-Up Call: Despite her pride in her blackness, she realizes that black power is for black men. She realizes that despite giving all of her love, affection, and devotion to her people, she is solely blamed for the destruction of black people. In fact, she is hated and a target of violent crime of all forms. If she’s silent she’s compliant, if she’s vocal, she’s a bitch or a traitor. She realizes the black male worshipping is killing her slowly.

The Lone Wolf: Many people call people who embark on breaking generational curses “the black sheep”, but really she becomes the lone wolf. As she seperates from the dysfunction, her family and community excommunicates her and make her the scapegoat for causing disruption to the status quo. This lonely journey is inevitable for the awakened woman since like minded awakened women are spread thin all over the world. So she finds solace in online communities and may be lucky to find sisterhood in real life.

The Level Up: As she awakens and spends more time with herself, she goes within to find ways she can level up in her life. She strives to enhance herself and her life in all ways: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. This stage is all about personal development. Some women confuse this stage with finding a high value man, but NO MAN is responsible for your level up and you may get another Mammy wake up call and start over to the beginning of your transformation. Choose Wisely.

The Power Up: This is where she decides to take her power, acquire territory, and expand her territory. She also embarks on leadership development to better lead her Queendom. Women in this stage becomes the beast she needs to become to take what is hers. She embraces her dark femininity and refuses to be victimized again. She’s become the higher self she needs to be to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. The bad bitch. The Queen. The Goddess. Unapologetic and Unbothered.

What stage are you in?

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