If You MUST Play The Dating Game, Play To WIN

He didn’t cheat on you, because you aren’t “wife material”, he cheated on you, because he’s a cheater. He didn’t use you, because you are dumb, he used you, because he’s a user. He didn’t abuse you, because you are weak, he abused you, because he’s an abuser. In all of this, I’m sure you wanted pure and wholesome love. I’m sure in all of this, you believed at one point he was a good man and would treat you right. You were the good woman the community and your family raised you to be. You did nothing wrong and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Might I suggest something? Stop trying to be a good woman to a man who hasn’t invested his entire life to you. Stay hard to get the entire relationship. Keep him on his toes. Challenge him. If he folds, that’s not your problem. If you are afraid of challenging men, he’ll drag you. If you think you’re above being a bitch, you’ll be a victim. If you MUST deal with a man, you have to know how to deal with them and get what you want from them. You can’t be passive with men. Even the chill and nonchalant men. You must train him like he will eventually win a game if he EARNS your love. Or he’ll play you like a joke.

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