No Time For Tears In The Game Of Life

In Kill Bill (one of my favorite movies), Beatrix was straight on vengeance until she took out her enemies. The only time she showed mercy was when she came across that little girl. But she persisted nonetheless. Even when she was face to face with the man she loved, she switched up when she realized it was time to take him out. And she proceeded to do so. “You and I have unfinished business.” It wasn’t until her and her daughter were safe and sound that she broke down crying. She almost lost her life. She almost lost her daughter. She killed her friends. She wept.

What I’m saying is that in this game of life, it’s no time for tears. We are well aware of the oppression that exists. We are well aware of who our enemies are. We are well aware of the games being played. Do you want to win? Do you want your revenge? Do you want to be HAPPY? Then, FIGHT. And don’t give up until you win. Laugh now, and cry later. And laugh again.

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