You Had The Power All Along: Lessons From Wizard Of Oz.

You Had The Power All Along My Dear:

Why didn’t Glinda the Good Witch tell Dorothy that she had the power? Well, one it wouldn’t be much of a movie if she went home in the beginning. And next, she had to go through the journey of self-discovery. And lastly, she had to conquer her fears of lions only to find out that she had more courage than him. I take a few things from this:

1) Your nature is power as a child of God. You were born with this power and your journey is to discover it so you can dominate and defeat your fears.

2) God wants to write you a great story. If every thing went right, you wouldn’t have a testimony. You wouldn’t be able to help others discover their power without your story. Look at your story as an adventure.

3) The things you fear are also afraid of you when you discover your power. Don’t let appearances fool you.

How will you discover your power?

1) Find your magic wand, which is your seed. Your seed is the very thing that will help you dominate.

2) Don’t resent your traumas. This is just apart of your story. Learn from them and realize that you are victorius, because you survived. Now, share your survival story with others.

3) Your greatest weapon is looking your adversary or fear straight in the eye and be prepared to fight them. And sometimes they can become your greatest adversary if you humble them.

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