Why I Love Being A Black Woman.

I love how black women say the right thing at the right time. I love how we make up words and speak our own language. I love how we connect to the Holy Spirit and pray with conviction. I love how we throw and ge through the best shade. I love how the elder black women will judge everyone one minute, and cook you a meal the next. I love how elder women bathe babies in herbs to protect them and heal them. I love how black women let you lay in their laps while you cry. I love how black women season their food and put love into their meals. I love the feeling of love I feel after eating our meals. I love how black women will bring you a meal when you’re sick. I love how black women will let you sleep in the bed next them when you’re spennin’ the night instead of the floor. I love black women who throw sleep overs and hype each other up while wearing pjs. I like how black women write prayers and burn it so it can be magical. I love how we speak with power and destruction. I love how we break out in twerk with our tongues out or say “Ayyyyyee”. I love how we rock our hips and dip. I love how we say, “Hey Girl!” and “Boy Bye!”.

I love how fly we look in colors that compliment our skin tone. I love that we started the trend of white toe nails. I love how we made hoops earrings ratchet fashion. I love how we made hoop earrings sophisticated with a bun or high pony tail. I love how we made white girls want to wear box braids and cornrows. I love our fros. I love our twists. I love our locs. I love how me make bald look feminine. I love how we stand in a circle and pray over the weary. I love how we get mad and say “boy stop playing with me!”. I love how we laugh and say, “you’re so crazy!”. I love how we decide to be a hoe again after leaving a fuck nigha. I love how we catch flights and not feelings. I love our brunches. I love our tea parties. I love our coffee dates. I love our 80s/90s parties. I love our all white affairs. I love our white dresses at the Rituals. I love how we go the beach just to dip in the water. I love how we walk the weight off. I love how we made soul food for vegans. I love when we smell like coconut oil. I love when our homes smell like incense. I love when we smell like hot grease. I love when we carry our babies on our back. I love when black women become doulas and midwives. I love when we say, “Fuck him!” and mean it whole heartedly. I love when we say, “You got this!” and put smiles on people’s faces. I love when we say, “I love you!” and mean it everytime.

God Damn. I love being a black woman.

What do you love about black women?

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