When You’re Too Woke For You’re Own Good.

When people try to be “woke” they try to destroy everything that is common or “normal” to make it seem like everything we know is wrong to appease every minority or oppressed group. I don’t want to be so woke that I lose all common sense. I’ll give some examples.

“Monogamous is not natural”: If monogamy wasn’t natural there would be a huge difference in the ratio between men and women. BM love to argue that there is a huge difference between BM AND BW, but globally it’s slightly more men than women. So that means that BW have a higher chance of finding a male partner if she dates out. Then they argue that BM always had multiple wives, but neglect to say that these men were mostly kings, chiefs, and pharoahs, and this mostly happened in villages where there were more women than men. People who believe that we are meant to be polygamous are usually people with higher sexual appetites and one person isn’t enough and this isn’t in the majority. Also we need to note that it’s a difference between wanting to sex more than one person and actually wanting a relationship with them. I think some of these people secretly wants the world to be one big orgy fest. 😂

“Heterosexuality Is A Disease”: In order to be supportive of the LGBT community, many people are saying heterosexuality is a disease. Due to centuries of saying the same about gay men and women, people are now reversing the roles to be vindictive. Many women are also saying this, because liking m3n seems to appear to be a bit of Stockholm after dealing with so many toxic ones. How can you like the people that hate you? It does appear to be unhealthy. However, we must acknowledge that the attraction to the opposite sex is natural, because every species has the will to survive and procreate. Since it takes a man and a woman to procreate, how can heterosexuality be a disease, when the goal is to continue to reproduce?

“Gender Is A Construct, And You Can Change It”: The biological reality of Gender is now an argument and now believed to be merely a “feeling”, however, this feeling can not be described. The scientific fact is Gender is based on your sex and your role in reproduction for every species depending on what gametes you produce.

“Religion Is Oppressive”: While, I agree that religion has been used to oppress women, people of color, and homosexuals, the idea of religion itself is only meant to bring order to human interactions, and encourage a Devotion to God. Whether you believe in God or not, I think we all can agree that certain rules are neccesart to maintain order and balance.

“Black Women Are Masculine”: The idea that black women refuse to submit, are angry, and are vocal has led men to say that black women are masculine. There is no evidence to verify that submission is feminine. There has never been a time in history where black women were submissive! Any woman that was submissive has a history where men FORCED THEM TO BE!  Every person, man or woman, has the ability to be angry. In fact, shaming black women for being angry is inhumane. And being vocal is also a human trait, because we have a vocal box to speak. So what exactly makes us Masculine?

These are just a few examples of “wokeness” that eludes all common sense. What other examples do you have?

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