What Lay Beneath

A strong black woman with a hardened shell,

Strong minded, opinionated, and tough as nails.

If she was broken, you couldn’t tell,

Charisma, charm that’ll keep you under her spell.

But is that all she entails?

What Lay Beneath the strong exterior?

A hard shell, and a delicate interior.

Many are in fear of her,

Many desire to get near to her,

Experience has taught her to protect what is dear to her.

Will she ever reveal that woman that rests inside?

Her harsh reality of  life forces her to hide,

She can’t take anymore blows to her pride.

Too many people around her have tried,

At the end of the day, she had no one to confide.

In her you’ll find a hidden treasure,

So valuable that money could never measure,

Like a diamond she slowly applies pressure.

To the shell that’ll reveal a woman of beauty,

A paradox of cultures, and Love that is truly,

She is humble beneath, but on the surface unruly.

Bossy, and sometimes flossy, but its apart of her magic,

To take this woman for granted would be tragic.

Love her wholly so she has no need to panic,

Respect her mind, even when it appears manic.

Honor her presence so she feels protected,

Value her so she doesn’t feel neglected.

Give her space so she can be healed,

Perhaps the woman that lay beneath will be revealed.

What lay beneath will reside on the surface,

And she can love completely as destined in her purpose.

But first ask yourself, do you deserve it?

Feature Photo: Kirz Art; Link: http://blkwomenart.com/image/142524607453

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