Trusting My Spirit Guides

After trying to do witchcraft before and seeing the entities that were unleashed into my house, I have been just lighting a white candle, saying prayers and chanting. Though those entities were unleashed into my home and I had to literally pray them away, I also connected to the spirit in the process. Spirit told me I didn’t have to do all that I was doing to manifest the things I wanted. I had to only go within to heal. I only had to ask for what I wanted and show gratitude for what I had. I only had to ask for protection. My spirit guides have always been with me protecting me and guiding me. They want me to be successful and I have also been faithful since a child. I always believed in the things I couldn’t see. They believe in me too. They were right by my side when I was fighting those demons. The ones that were my inner demons and the ones that were sent to me from others.

I prayed harder than I ever prayed since I was a child. I had to find that little spiritual girl that talked to her Angels all the time. I had to find my inner child. Then I saw the woman that I am becoming. Instead of focusing on the “haters” I set my sights on her. That is the woman I am praying for. I still continue to pray for my protection, but my protectors are always saying “we got you”. They know my purpose. I know my purpose and we see eye to eye. It took for me to get lost in the darkness to find that light again. I am walking my path and I am thankful for those that walk by my side. My path is clearing up and I can walk faithfully. This has been my spiritual journey.

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