The Four Archetypes Of The Black Goddess

“All women are Goddesses and an extension of The Dark Mother. The Mama, the Auntie, the Grandmother, the friend… Nurture and water your people, but remember you’re still a woman. So mother yourself first. If you don’t know how, find a way to tap the power within.”

Visions Of A Black Herstorian

What is a Goddess? A Goddess is a woman who is able to transform he pain into Power. She is able to Be Love, and Love deeply, passionately, and Holy. She is a sacred woman, channeling her energies to create or destroy as she so desires, and grown enough to accept the consequences (good or bad) of her actions. She’s a smooth operator. Able to be charming, witty, and seductive while also being REAL. She is not afraid of her truth or the truth of others. She is joy and pain. Sunshine and Rain. And overall she builds her own Paradise of happiness for her and her tribe.

I have broken down the Goddess into four archetypes. All Goddesses serves a purpose. All Goddesses have their own unique way of using their power. All Goddesses have their own strengths and weaknesses. I will define Her as much as I can, but I encourage every woman reading this to go on their own unique journey to Channel their inner Goddess.

The Dark Mother

She is the beginning and the end. The darkness of the universe that encompasses all energy. The creation. The embodiment of all elements. She is the creator that birthed the sun, the moon, and the stars. We live within her womb. A woman named Deva Fiyah introduced me to the dark mother years ago. She found the dark mother when she was wounded by her mother, just as I have. One thing I love about the Dark Mother verses the Great Mother (next) is the Dark Mother allows a safe space for her daughter’s sadness, anger, and rage. Most wounded daughters will find herself in the bosom of the Dark Mother, as she learns to channel her own rage, let her inner wild fun free, and release herself from the shackles of patriarchy. The daughters of The Dark Mother need “light” suns when it comes to relationships. That’s True Luv. Opposites attract. That’s ying and yang. That’s harmony and balance. Along as she can temper her desire to love everyone she encounters, and as long as he can love her in her dark, her filth, and her rage, this union can be truly divine. Despite her darkness, she is capable of Love and Joy. She is Happy most times, because she fears nothing. Her greatest strength is to garner attention and respect from all that encounter her. Her greatest weakness is her lack of vulnerability to properly chose who will love her the way she loves.

The Great Mother

The light. The joy of The Dark Mother that is Happy. The Great Mothers count it all joy, and refuse to acknowledge her dark attributes that could be useful to her when she is faced with danger or disrespect. The Great Mothers highly favor her sons, because he represents the parts of her she hides. She lives vicariously through her sons, and hides her sins from the public eye. Therefore she tries desperately to hide his sins. She is the gatekeeper of Patriarchy. In Pimparchy, she is the Bottom Bitch. She is a disciplinarian to her daughters and instills vitrue and purity into them. She is her own worse enemy and the enemy of the daughters who desire to be fun, wild, and free. Daughters of the Great Mother tend to like “dark” men. Men who are considered “Bad Boys” and typical patriarchs. She chooses them because she desires to tame the beast in them, in hopes that his darkness will transform into loving her intensely. This union could work if the man she loves submits his ego to her. Together, this couple could be victorious together as they are met with challneges. Her greatest strength is her joy; her ability to remain optimistic despite her failures, or her traumas. Her greatest weakness is her jealousy of wild and free women, because fears being herself.

The Queen

The Queen is the Goddess manifested in to bring order and balance to the darkness and light amongst humans. She brings order, discipline, and love to the people she leads. She is a servant of the Mothers to get the people in line to do their work, build communities, and create families. She typically does not create or destroy, she gives orders and punishes. Yet she can create and destroy if neccessary. She can be creative, charming, and alluring. She draws in much respect from the people she serves, as long as she serves them well. She can Garner much hatred if she is the most powerful, but she will be protected by those that serve her. Her Mantra is “Worship Me or Die”. Since Queens me the greatest sacrifice of a life without the deep love children or friends, she only desires to be worshipped to feel obligated to do the work the mothers should be doing. Every woman is a Queen. For some it’s a position, and for others it’s a mindset. Any work she does for other people’s children is a gift and must be cherished. Daughters of a Queen are to be cherished, served, and worship to prepare them for the difficult job of the position she will take as a Boss. Sons of Queens are to be respected and praised as he will soon be the leader of families and nations. Queens do a difficult job which sets them up to be hated, so if a Queen has true friends and a loving family she will be RICH. The greatest strength of a Queen is strength itself and power. The greatest weakness of a Queen is nothing.

The High Priestess

She is a woman who is in direct connection with spirit. She possess many spiritual gifts that allows her to heal her people and destroy her enemies. Her primary role is to serve and be served, so she may take the role of a teacher, minister, social worker, counselor, or therapist. She will not do any form of manual labor, because her greatest contribution to society is her intelligence. She is the magical Goddess that knows the secrets of the universe and guards them from those that desire to use it for total destruction. In a sense, she is a warrior for The Dark Mother, using her magic to keep the flow of natural law help human beings get along. She is motivational, because she is also a lover. Her clients get compassion and empathy that they will get no where else. She has high energy of love and joy so she is able to do the work called forth from her. Her greatest strength is her ability to love. Her greatest weakness is her ability to love.

These are the four archtypes of the Goddess and each woman should be able to identify with at least one. Some are able to identity with all or more than one at the same time depending on where she is in her journey. However, what I have discovered in my journey in Patriarchy is that most women will return to The Dark Mother as she transforms back into her feral, wild self. If Lord willing, she will eventually become the Crone who is the epitome of the Dark Mother. Not in a sense of being old and bitter, but in the sense that she will laugh at the hardships of life that she has encountered and laugh in the face of death before she is defeated; knowing that once again she’ll be reborn and go through the journey again.

Be Blessed, Sistahs.

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