The Devil’s Advocate

I’m watching “The Devil’s Advocate,” and I realize that while The Devil is a tempter and doer of evil, The Devil understands CONSENT. In the movie, The Devil tempted Kevin with money and fame as a lawyer. When The Devil started messing with the wife’s mental health, The Devil told Kevin to leave the case behind and tend to his wife. Kevin decided that the case was more important. The wife killed herself, and eventually, he killed himself when he realized who he was dealing with and what he had done.

What do I take from this? The Devil tempts people who already have darker motives. People were removed from love. People who praise money and fame over the people they love. And when you go down that rabbit hole, the only way to win is to kill yourself. I heard The Devil referred to as a “Master” in this movie. The Devil has way more power than the average human and has powerful advocates. What I think The Devil is trying to prove to God is that human nature is ultimately evil. So The Devil is able to play with people in this world in this game between God and The Devil. What will you do with this information?

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