Understanding The System Of Transgenderism

There are some basics that needs to be discussed when it comes to the system of transgenderism. There are some questions that I have and there are some questions that have been answered. The first thing that I understand about transgenderism is that it is a system. It is an ideology that was given to us from the system. I realized this when I read about it during one of my classes. I realized then the theories are in institutions even before science proves that you can completely switch your gender. Or at least this information hasn’t been released to the public. However, I learned about two groups I rarely studied about before. The Intersex population, and the Transgender population. I realized both populations mimicked the same idea about sex and gender. Though I can tell the difference, one is based on an anomaly and the other on a binary definition of math and science.

Intersex people are an anomaly to the equation of creation. Does anyone knows what that equation is? That’s the equation that scientists wants to discover. I realized I have heard of intersex people before, but the term that was used when I was growing up was Hermaphrodites. I always understood it as an unique person that has a mixture of both genders. And I always knew them to be female. I realized that this population exists though a small population. They are an anomaly to Female and Male. They are an interconnection between both in it’s own unique design.

Then the topic of transgenderism came up. They were telling us about the connection between both. I was more interested in whether or not they felt like it was the same? This is the question I first asked. I realized that it was not. Transgender people are switching from one binary to another binary or accepting no binary. At least from what I was seeing. I realized that this population was not an anomaly. They are a creation, and from searching further I realized this creation was based on gender roles and fantasies. The one story I remember in the video told the story of a young girl that liked “boys things” and they started her transition to the other gender. Another story told of an intersex man that was raised as a girl. He said that he always “felt like a boy”. I will not invalidate anyones feelings, but I didnt undersrand what that meant. It left me with the question? What is gender and what is sex? How do they relate?

I am not a scientist or a mathematician, but I will speak based on what I understand. Sex and Gender are science and math and you have to understand both to understand the theories. When math is intersected with science, the equations can be used to create something new. I realized that the new gender theories were created based on the “non-binary of sex”. But is non-binary? Intersex people are a genetic anomaly that occurs during the creation process at random. It still has not been clearly defined. Their existence is based on their development in the womb or how they develop as they grow. Looking at sex as a binary takes away the science behind the creation process, and understanding the randomness of the science of nature. The creation process is a process that can be controlled, maintained, and monitored, but can not be duplicated because it functions at random. Gender theories are not randomness, they are a controlled maintained, and monitored system orchestrated by the systems of patriarchy. How can gender theories be created based on a process that is not fully understood? This is what can cause chaos and confusion. Deep down we KNOW what is right, but we choose to only believe what we are told.

What is the objective here to say that we can change our gender? I am even seeing many TRAs say you can change your sex. How when you are already created? I realize the objective is to not change but to try to duplicate the creation process. A process that the system works hard to duplicate in order to become Gods of this world. The basis of sex is the sexual reproductive capabilities of the human, but the gender identity starts with the mind. This is where the false idea of female and male brain comes from. All of these genders are created with the mind based on patriarchal gender stereotypes and roles. The identity of who a Female or Male is, is based on how society expects both to perform. This is the main factor in understanding the difference between Male and Female outside of their bodies. Gender roles are interchangeable because they are not really tangible. It’s based on what patriarchy expects and not the facts of who people truly are. Gender theories takes the science and math out of sex and gender. This leads to the misunderstanding of what sex and gender truly is, and the idea that you can switch your sex. You can change yourself, but switch yourself? Leaves alot of questions.

How does the system benefit from this? By adding medical transitioning to convince the masses that switching your sex is possible. The human population is at the constant mercy of the medical industry in order to survive. The medical industry will capitalize off of these ideas about sex and gender to generate profits for procedures, studies, experiments, and institutions. Why wouldn’t they? They created these theories. I have questioned what is the intent behind these new theories? What is the objective?

I realized their intent is to create their own humans. This will also mean creating new genders to accompany the anomalies created in these experiments. Transgenderism is a project to create humans in a lab. A science experiment. And humans that can be created by the system are controlled by the system. This makes me very empathetic towards trans individuals because I don’t know if many know that they are being used for these experiments? As an experiment for corporations and governments to create their own humans. The remaining obstacle is recreating the birthing process. Once scientists are able to recreate the entire creation process, what would they need the human population for outside of organ harvesting? Especially for women?

Keep in mind that the power of the people rests in staying on the side of nature. Becoming too dependent on the system gives the system more power and control over you. Transgenderism appears to be another project that is backed by the system. The system highly supports the transgenderism movement. Trans individuals are able to completely recreate their identity in the system. They are also able to gain access to public spaces of their self identified gender. They are getting their demands met, and from what I see without much resistance. I have seen the trans movement get demands met before women all over the world gained their rights. The transgender movement is also prioritized over females because males are centered in the feminist movement. The same thing I have been seeing with adding gay and bisexual males to the feminist movement. Now the movement serves a purpose. The patriarchal purpose. Now the movement has a deeper meaning than a bunch of women crying about equal pay when deep down most men just want women to shut up, give them babies (literally) and make them sandwiches. The idea of men joining the feminist movement is not because they want equity for women, but because feminists changed the narrative to “feminism is for everybody”.

The Feminist movement is no longer a war agaisnt patriarchy, its a surrender to patriarchy. Wealthy white men are the overseers of what happens in this world, and they will only support what supports their objective. I realized that the trans movement was apart of their objective when I read an article that was titled “Transwomen Entitled To Womb Transplants”. The word “entitled” stuck out to me. The article was based on a medical professional giving his opinion that transwomen deserve wombs just like females who experience fertility issues. However, I still have my mind stuck on the few states passing the Heartbeat Bill, and Planned Parenthood losing government support. So the idea being pushed out: “Women can’t control their wombs, but transwomen are “entitled” to wombs?”. I guess thats why women at the womens march wore pussy hats. Pussy is the most talked about topic, the most sought after mystery, and the most attacked on this planet. But what do you expect when everyone came out of one? Is this hatred?

I sometimes just sit back and shake my head at the hidden messages being sent from the system. Follow the money. Follow who the system supports. The system doesn’t just watch their enemies, it watches their prey. If you are not in control of the system, you are the system’s prey. I question many theories given to me by the system. In the last two to three years I have been questioning the new gender theories. I do not trust the intent behind the push for revised genders, new genders, changing genders, or no gender. Once we lose our identity, we become whatever identity the system gives to us. This will also mean that we need to clearly define gender roles. We need to base gender roles off of our biology only. What are our bodies capable of? What are our minds capable of? What am I capable of? Outside of that who are you? Does that have a gender or is it just YOU? What makes you a Female or Male is your sexual capacity. That is it. And some of us have mixtures of both, but you can NOT switch. THAT IS ALL.

I say all of this with Love.

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