That’s HER, NOT ME. (A Poem)

I can’t believe she stayed with her abuser,
I can’t identify with such a loser,
I would never deal with such a user.
That’s Her, Not Me.

I can’t believe she hates men,
Does she not understand its her, not them?
She needs to heal,
That’s where the love from men will begin.
If she don’t have a man now, then when?
That’s Her, I can’t be them.

I can’t believe she was assaulted,
If she wasn’t drinking, this wouldn’t resulted.
Why didn’t she fight back, he would of halted.
I have empathy for Survivors, but I think she caused it.
I know that men get caught up, but he would of paused it.
That’s her problem, that’s her closet.

I don’t relate to these trauma bonding sisters.
If a woman tells me her problems, I’d dismiss her.
If these sistahs don’t include me, I won’t miss her.
I’m just glad I’m more special than these dissers.
That’s her issue, she’s not a manifesting wisher,
Then she’d find a man who’d do more than kiss her.

How can they talk so bad about the brothers?
Does she not understand the problem is their mothers?
Why can’t black men and black women love each other?
If one man screws up, just get another.
Welp, that’s her problem, I won’t even bother.

It’s not my problem that females have bad luck.
I got my man, and I don’t give a fuck.
I can’t relate to these loser bitches.
My man pays the bills and wash the dishes.
I don’t have these problems, I got it made.
These sistahs need to choose wisely, and not just get laid.
I mean so what if I go half, and still be the maid?
So what if you call a spade a spade?
So what if you were molested in the 5th grade?
So what if I sound like a man who degrades?
So what if I took him to dinner and paid?

That’s what makes me special.
I apply pressure.
Could never be a lesser.
I’m the main.
And I may sound insane,
But I got love on my brain.
I got respect still to gain,
But I truly have him trained.
That’s y’all problem, y’all not feminine engrained.

Yes, he cheated and I forgave.
I’m not digging my own grave.
I’m one of the brave.
I’m submissive, not a slave.
It’s his masculine energy, I crave.
That’s y’all problem,
You don’t have any roads paved.

Even though our stories are similar, I’m different.
I’m a virtuous woman on a mission.
I look at my man and see his vision.
That’s what y’all sistahs are missing.
That’s your problem, start wishing.

Photo Credit: Shutter Shock

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