The Sweet Surrender to God requires trust that other humans and yourself have ruined. People taught you that everyone is out to get you. No one besides yourself has your best interest. Everyone is trying to hurt you, and take away things you value. That its better to be evil to conform to the evil ways of people. That you have to be evil to make it to the top. That no one will help you. That no one loves you. That no one cares.

Well guess what? If you rely on people, they will teach you these things that will lead to depression and PTSD. If you trust people too much, they will betray you one day. If you have too much faith in others, they will fail you. You know why? Because they are human and humans are rebelling against God as they try to find the God in themselves. Some people have completely lost faith and became friends with the Devil for instant gratification. But I promise you that if you Surrender to God, you will be satisfied eternally. If you lean on God’s understanding, you will know yourself, know your enemies, and have no fear. If you allow your angels to fight on your behalf, you will save your energy for healing and growth. But if you have been damaged in some way, it make it hard to trust that there is a higher power working on your behalf. They say the Devil is busy, but God never rests.

When you find the courage to let go and let God, you will never be led to Hell. Instead you will find your own piece of Paradise that will lead to eternal happiness. Not in death, but in Life. Places where you will be safe, happy, and loved, surrounded by people who adore you. A place where you can be unapologetically yourself, and if enemies are made, you will have the skills to defeat them. A place where you can rest your weary heart, and Calm your chaotic mind. I say start with your home. Make it your sanctuary. Make it your comfort zone. Protect it best you can. Stay home as long as you need. And tap into God’s spirit that flows through you. Cut out outside noise for a while and build that relationship with your higher power, because no other relationship is more important. After tapping into God’s spirit, I’m sure you’ll be able to verify everything I have just said.

Happy Sunday and Have A Soulful Day.

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