Surrender To The Dark Mother.

Cowards hang up the phone on you, when they realize that they won’t win the argument. Instead of surrendering and admitting fault or being wrong about something, they leave. This is what people do when it comes to God. God is constantly trying to talk to you, but you stayed busy to not face your master, huh? You distract yourself to avoid hearing that dark truth, huh? It was hard to admit that you have no control, huh? It was hard to accept that you have inner work to do, huh? It’s hard to accept that you have done wrong, huh? You didnt listen, because you thought you were grown, huh? So you remain ignorant where you go through life constantly bumping your head, instead of paying attention and aligning with your purpose. You constantly stumble, because you lost your faith. You’re exposed to enemies, because you didn’t Armour yourself with God’s grace. And no one shows you any mercy, because the moment you lost faith in God, you made yourself known to the Devil. Now he’s riding your back, huh?

I’m not saying this to beat you down. I’m saying this so you can understand, God’s mercy. I am saying this so you understand God’s authority. You didn’t create this Earth. You didn’t birth yourself. You came out of her womb. She was your home, and she fed and clothed you. She was your first teacher, your coach, your mentor, your therapist…… She is your Mother and goes by many names. You are her child and you will always be her child. Even when she is being selfish. Even when she is too busy loving herself. Even if she has flaws. EVEN IF SHE WHOOPS YOUR ASS. She is your authority. Even your daddy is scared of her and you think you can beat her, but I guess a hard head makes a soft behind. And one day you will end up kissing her ass, just like I just did with my Mama.

And note, I never hung up the phone on someone I loved. You know why? I don’t try to conquer people I love. I surrender. My objective is to build relationships, not end them and I will never hang up on someone simply expressing themselves. No matter how angry they are. No matter what they say. And that takes LOVE, COURAGE, AND BRAVERY. Get some today, please.

She’s calling you. You better answer the phone. 😘

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