Self-Love Is Power

I’ve always been inspired by seeing straight POWER! Not necessarily the power to destroy others. NO. The power to heal myself. The power to heal others. The power of God that restores me in ways I can’t. The power to connect without being destroyed in the process. The power to transform frowns into smiles. The power to turn tears into laughter. The power to transform pain into power. The power to transform lives. The power to invest in others. The power to stand in my power around vampires and beasts. The power to make a radical difference. The power to get back up after a setback. The power to keep fighting when I’m losing. The power to conquer any battle. The power to love myself when I’m alone. The power to be myself around haters. The power to challenge toxic authorities. The power to transform a system. The power to attract money effortlessly. The power to manifest love, wealth, and good health. The power of discipline on difficult days. The power to wake up from nightmares. The power to advocate for myself when I’m outnumbered. The power to speak for myself and share my experiences. The power to be a voice for the vulnerable and defenseless. The power to treat people well when I’m miserable. The power to LIVE in a world obsessed with death and destruction. The power to LOVE in a world of hate!

This is what POWER is to me, and I didn’t find it until I became more self loving and self worshipping. Pouring love into myself makes me more powerful and loving DAILY. Slowly rebuilding myself after death to my old self. Slowly repairing the damage from spiritual warfare. Slowly shifting my mindset. Slowly pacing myself into my destiny. Slowly walking off the weight of the world. Slowly improving myself. Slowly making an impact. Slowly walking in the company of my sistahs. Slowly bringing forth a revolution. Slowly pushing through the hate. Slowly removing the blockages. Slowly, but surely showing up in my power.

Power is not something to fear. Power is not something that you have to manifest quickly. Power is self-love. Power is patience. Power is stillness. Power is precision. Power is excellence. Power is passion. Power is liberation. Power is healing. Power is transformative. Power is your birthright.

I’m a woman not afraid to admit I want power! I want ultimate self-mastery! I want complete dominion over my life here on Earth! I want healing in all ways. I want to feel empowered and loved. I want to be respected. I want victory over my battles! I want territory! I want ownership! I want radical self development! I want happiness! I want optimal health! I want wealth! I want what I want, and I won’t be able to get it until I understand POWER! I want to get to know POWER on a deep and transformative level! I want to know the ways that POWER can radically transform my life! I want to know how POWER can radically transform the lives of others!!! I want POWER!!!

“I’m dominant. Not because I want to control the lives of others, but because I have control over my own!”

Artwork Credit: Kapitosh

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