Rich Bitch Energy (Poem)

I could be walking off the bus and I will feel like a rich bitch,
I always walk with my head held high, and a little pep in my switch.
See I don’t work for the money, I let my money work for me.
If I have a a few hundred dollars left over after bills are paid, I can make it enough for me.
God had always provided for me in my lowest,
I may have my struggles at times, but you would never know it.
I still dress to the nines, and my hair is always done,
My nails are always clean, and I can always afford to have fun.
I may not have a car, but I have transportation,
I may not make it to Jamaica, but I will save up for a vacation.
I have friends that love me deep, and a family that supports me,
I can afford to take PTO, so my job doesn’t exploit me.
I have all of my needs met, and a little something, something to splurge on myself,
I hold onto to my coins, because there ain’t always available help.
I am self-sufficient and independent,
I can afford to take care of my dependents.
I can afford to laugh and smile,
I can afford to walk a mile.
I can afford to watch an inspiring movie,
I can afford to listen to music and get groovy.
I can afford to sit at the park and talk to friends,
I can afford a car, even if it ain’t a Benz.
I can afford to save for retirement and live lovely,
If people can afford more that me, they are not above me.
Because I find joy in the little things, I can always afford anything I want and need,
I may not be a millionaire, but I got rich bitch energy.
I work hard for all I have and accept nothing, but a living wage,
And because I work daily for all I got, I will always be paid.
I give to those who are less fortunate than me,
And because I give as I receive, God keeps blessing me.
I’m not trying to keep up with the Joneses, or be the richest in the world,
But I wake up with money raining down on me, I’m a rich ass girl.
On the days I fall short, I hustle and grind,
The blessings keep raining, because I keep God on my mind.
God is my Sugar Daddy, and Sugar Mama and always provides,
That’s why there’s joy in my heart, and confidence in my strides.
People are still jealous even when they have more than me,
They aren’t happy with what they got, but I’m happy that I can just BE.
I learned the secret to happiness, that they best things in life are free.
My work pays the bills, and nature is my remedy when I need.
And no matter what, I’m gonna always eat.
So I am not stressing, chasing, or struggling,
I always reach my goals, and never fumbling.
I stay pretty and paid, and always stay on it,
Anything I get moving forward is simply a bonus.
Thank you God for my blessings, because you do not owe me,
You provide everything I want, and I’m rich where I can simply be.
Because I find joy in the little things, I can always afford anything I want and need,
I may not be a millionaire, but I got rich bitch energy. And I will always be Wealthy.

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