Queenin’ It: Dear Black Women, Step Into Your Power!

It’s time for black women to stop playing with Life, and become the creator she is meant to be. We have battled toxic families. We have battled toxic partners. We have battled toxic friends. We have battled toxic workplaces. Do we understand we don’t have to tolerate this anymore? That we have yet to find all the people that will love us? That we can always change our career if we want better? That we can be happy regardless? Know your power, black women. If you want the life of your dreams, you have to create it! Here’s How:

Find Your Happy: No matter your current cirumstance, what keeps you holding onto Life? At any point you could give up, yet you are still here. Why? Figure that out, and dedicate a majority of your time doing that! If people around you are trying to disturb your peace or abuse your love or destroy your happiness, GET RID OF THEM! There is a quote: “I can do bad all by myself!”…. Let’s change that to: “I can be happy without you!”

Be A Grown Ass Woman: Take responsibility for your life! You are now a grown ass woman and you can do whatever the fuck you want! If it ain’t hurting anybody, if you ain’t stealing or killing, you have nothing to be ashamed of! If you made a mistake, embrace the fact that you are human and give yourself some compassion. Handle your losses gracefully, and seek happiness to get your revenge! Take accountability for your poor choices and behavior and forgive yourself. Change the narrative of your negative thinking. Reinvent yourself as much as possible. Be flexible! Remember the grown ass woman that you are and STAND IN YOUR POWER!

Get Your Money Up: Remember that you can’t do shit without money. Ain’t shit free! So always be about your paper! Job not paying enough? Start a business! Workplace is toxic? Change jobs! Career is a dead end? Change careers! You have the power to make the money you desire! Here’s a tip: Write down a figure of what you want to make monthly and write it on a blank check. Set Up An Altar for your ancestors and light a white candle. Put the check under the candle, pray on it, and make your money moves!

We Outside!: Summer is coming up and we won’t be in the house! We will be at all the festivals! We will be painting ans sipping! We will be catching flights, not feelings! We will visit our loved ones and cook out! We will be at the concerts! Life is meant to be ENJOYED! You learned all of your karmic lessons already! Now it’s time to party, graduate!

Leading The Change: In order for us all to Thrive, we have to create environments where we can thrive! That means we need to set our eyes on seats of power! Thanks to Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown, black women are slowly easing our way into leadership positions where we could really make some changes to this country. Skies the limit! We can rule! It will be better for us, our children, and our country!

Janet Jackson- New Agenda

Pay It Forward: We have the power to create a Thriving, Safer, And Better environment for the next generation of girls. We need to start camps that train girls to be leaders. We need to create workshops to teach girls lifeskills. We need to create sisterhoods that girls can emulate. We need to share our stories, so girls are put on game. We have the power to create their future. BE THE EXAMPLE FOR THEM. And most importantly, LOVE THEM DEEPLY. Because this world probably won’t.

Beyoncé- Run The World (Girls)

Make Life Worth Living: There is money to make. Bills that need to be paid. Good food to eat. Moments to cherish. Good entertainment to enjoy. Memories to create. Good experiences to have. Adventures to embark on. Places to explore. Loved ones to share it with. And Guess What? You get to do it over and over again! Remember you have the power to create the life you want! Go out there and create it and BE GREAT!

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