Proud Black American

All humans should afford to live. It’s a human right that all of us should have. Housing should be affordable. Transportation should be affordable. Healthcare should be affordable. Healthy food should be affordable. Day care should be free to every American that works in this system. Education should be free and funded by the government. Kids should eat for free. People should be safe. People should not go hungry. People should be in adequate housing. People should get the healthcare they need. People should get justice that is restorative for victims. People should get fairly judged with empathy. People should be treated like human.

I ALSO believe. We should work for what we want. We should pursue our opportunities. We should start the change with us. We are responsible for our healing. We should hold ourselves accountable for our actions and behaviors. We should take initiative to implement SOLUTIONS. We should remain peaceful, but self defensive. We should ASK for what we need. Set boundaries and respect boundaries. Give thanks for what we do have and gifts that we receive. Love ourselves and love each other. Be the change we want to see.

I believe the BOTH the system and the people have responsibility in world changes. It should come from top to bottom, and side to side (The Cross). We need more peace treaties so we can have world peace. That’s what’s best for future generations. Cross your T’s and Dot your I’s on the solid line in the sand. Watch the work be done by those who are BRAVE.

Where is the home of the BRAVE?

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