Perfect Timing: An Ode To Trez

“Perfect Timing”

Let’s talk about a coward name Trez for a moment (wish I could tag him) The night he took my sister’s life, I contacted him. There wasn’t much to be said, but to request a time and location. Of course, like cowards do, he denied his actions. Expected. After I realized that he wouldn’t indulge on the requested information, I kept it moving. One thing about lost cowardly negros is that they are dumb. They never change their moves. They have to always be in the same places, so finding him wouldn’t be difficult when the time comes. However, I see the nigga is starting to feel himself. Of course I can’t blame him when he has a community protecting him, and not holding him accountable. Even the same negros that offered my family their fake ass condolences, I know who you are. Digress…..

I didn’t expect him to do much talking, but what else should I expect from a nigga? I guess now he’s big and bad. Have to creep outside of a window and shoot down a woman in her home. Makes him a “real nigga”, I guess? Can use your cowardly actions for street cred, but not bold enough to own it when it was time to pay the cost? Now you got alot of confidence. Months go by and folks stop talking. Another black woman damn near forgotten, as expected. Now, you can call for a war, after hiding in the bushes. A war you battled with a woman, none the less. I’m sure you got a crew to protect you to go against solo warriors. Non man ass niggas make me sick. Disgraceful. I guess I have to show these niggas how to do shit with a bit of honor. When that day that comes for you to meet the creator, I will at least show you the decency of seeing my eyes before your soul ascends. I’m not creeping outside in the dark. I’m walking up with a smile. A life for a life #EyeForAnEye.

…… enjoy your birthday weekend though. 🙂

Written By Tanisha Coleman

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