What Is Paradise?

“an ideal or idyllic place or state.”

If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know that I have shared my personal experiences and observations over the course of the last few years, but just as much as this has been for my personal healing, these blogs are also visions I have had for a future yet to come. You can follow a pattern that has led up to this point. I won’t go into much detail about things I have witnessed and experienced these last few weeks, but I definitely saw the plan for Hell on Earth. In fact I even ended up in Hell and saw how we would be confronted with our own inner demons if we don’t start to act right. The fact that I’m still alive after everything I have been through, I know it’s not over for me yet. I still have work to do, and if you choose daily to live you do too. Hopefully you will also find the time to take breaks and enjoy the beautiful world we live in and give thanks.

So what is it all for? What is the meaning of existence? We all made a choice to experience the life we choose. We all serve a purpose greater than we can imagine. It all is intertwined into a web that connects and binds us all. Our experiences, our lessons, our pain, our redemption, our scars and wounds that tell a story that we share amongst each other. And how beautiful is it that we can share our journey with others who can either learn from our stories or relate to it so they know they are not alone? It keeps life going and going until we reach the final destination: Paradise.

I can’t tell you for sure what Paradise will be for those who choose to stay, but I can dream, right? I saw a glimpse of it years ago and there is a few words to describe it: Beautiful; Wonderful; Marvelous; Magical. A place where you can have peace of mind. No worries of whether your needs will be met. Where you can have some wants as long as it don’t belong to another. A place where you create the life you want and write your own stories. Create your own experiences. A place where love is abundant and everyone experiences it for themselves for their entire lives. Never alone, unless you choose to be. Communities full of joyful experiences and fun activities that keeps you engaged. How can we create this? I don’t know but I will share my theory so far:

God: I can’t speak for God, but what I will say is if you make it to Paradise, give thanks.

Self: As you become grown, you will be completely responsible for your choices, actions, and behaviors. Your first priority is to give yourself the love you need, and protect yourself. Then you must practice radical self acceptance after you go on your journey of self discovery. As you are going through the growing pains, ensure you are practicing as much self care as possible. Make sure your basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, water) are met. You are responsible for taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Get the help you need, utilize the healing tools available, soothe your soul, breathe deeply to connect to spirit, be grateful for all that you have in the present moment, rest, and treat your body with tender care. Take time for leisure and play. Work for what you want. Share with those that have less. Choose your friends wisely. Choose your friends wisely. Follow the promptings of your soul. Follow your instincts. Trust your intuition.

Family: The ancestors knew this day would come and even if they didn’t always prepare us for what was to come, they made sure everyone had the tools to overcome any battle we would face. Tools that have been blessed by God, so no one can steal what belongs to yo and your family. Use them wisely. Future generations have been planned whether we are aware of not. So moving forward we will plan for plan for future generations. No more reckless breeding. Every child born will be well taken care of and set up for a successful and prosperous future where they can be self sufficient. Every parent will have a great work-life balance where they can provide for their children, themselves, and create enjoyable experiences with their children. Parents create out of love, give out of love, support out of love. Elders will be taken care of until their passing. Children will be taught to be well behaved, kind, respectful, and obediant. Long over are the days where fun is to be terroristic and destructive. All will be expected to respect this world created for them, and parents will hold their children accountable. When children become adults, they will be accountable for their actions and behaviors. To create the life they want. For what they say and do. Everyone will be respected. Family will protect their lives, their relatives, and their property. There is no expectation to be perfect, but we will strive for excellence. Whatever that looks like for everyone. We will hold space for those that suffer in our family and give them opportunities for growth. We will heal together as a family. Anyone putting in effort will be given grace. Family is where patience is practice during difficult times and where achievements are celebrated. Communicate clearly with each other and help each other grow.

Friends: Friends are extended family members so the first step is to make sure your friends respect and accept you and your family. If they don’t they maybe an enemy. Friends support you, adore you, challenge you, teach you, inspire you, and mentor you. They respect your boundaries and will not move like an enemy. They will never side with people who intend to destroy you. They protect your image and do not slander your name to others. They support you at your lowest moments and celebrate you at your highest moments. They eventually become your brothers and sisters.

Lovers: When it comes to a lover(s), make it clear from the beginning what your intentions are. Because of the possibility of creating a family with a lover, be sure that you at least like each other. A lover is someone you share your most intimate part of yourself with as they can become a life partner. So its important to be vulnerable enough where they see the real you underneath the mask. There is nothing worse than sleeping next to the enemy. Make sure every touch, every kiss, every act of love making is consented. Be honest with your lover throughout the relationship. Please your partner, know what their needs are, and support each other in getting those needs fulfilled. Arguments are about gaining understanding and getting on the same page. Once this occurs, let go of grudges and move forward as a team. If you and your lover can’t make it work, try to reconcile first before ending it. Don’t let outsiders influence what you feel about your partner unless there is evidence. No abuse of any kind should be tolerated. Respect your partner’s “No”. Make sure communication is effective and not destructive. Plan for children before having them.

Community: Each family in a community is different and has it’s own set of unique goals, but each community has a common goal. Each community has a set of goals that each member should follow. Conflict should not arise within communities because one common goal is unity. New members should be welcomed and embraced. Figure out what each family’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses are. Every family should strive to keep communities safe. Any act of violence is met with consequences. Any trouble maker is corrected by his or her family. If a family refuses to hold its members accountable, there will be an option to excommunicate the family. Outside of conflict, the community should be sure to also create enjoyable activities for families. This gives community members an opportunity to meet and engage each other. There should be a committee of community members that regulate each community with an objective to maintain peace and harmony.

Work: Work doesn’t have to be some dreadful thing if you don’t want it to be. You choose what you want to do. Hours are not so long that it keeps you from your family and friends. You get plenty of breaks and time off. You get paid abundantly where you have no worries about your needs. You can get some wants met. Work will be fun, and the leaders will be fun to work for. Your team will be like a family away from home. Everyone is trained to do the same job, and rotated to offer a variety of experiences. No favoritism. Everyone is treated equally as a valuable member of the team. Equal pay for all workers, so no one feels slighted. No discrimination. Everyone who is able and capable has the opportunity to work and lead. Work as long as you can afford to, and retire when you choose to. Come back if you want to. Again, you choose.

Buisness: Create something that others need, others can enjoy, and that solves problems. Treat your employees fairly. Be intentional about what impact you would like to have. Invest in your business. Promote your business. Protect your ideas, and your name. Be intentional about your business name, logo, and catchphrase. Set your hours according to the demand. Make sure you have supplies available. Take in inventory of what you have. Stay within budget. Make sure profits can pay the company bills, your bills, and afford your lifestyle. Plan for down times by saving for months that don’t generate as much income. Pay your taxes. Keep good financial records. Create quality products. Be good to your customers and your customers will be good to you.

Creatives and Dreamers: There are people who can dream and create beautiful stories in books, poems, music, and art in other forms. These people keep hope alive that no matter what you face, good days are coming. They also trigger healing in the deepest pain and give you a safe space to grieve and let go. Their work can inspire others, especially the next generation, to be creative in the world they envision for themselves. I would like to believe this also inspires God.

Play: Of course this dream of Paradise is not just about obligations to family and friends and working. There will be plenty of times for play and plenty of things to enjoy. Similar to what we have now. We will have opportunities to participate in activities that brings the joy out of us. Whether they are small intimate gatherings or events filled with large crowds. Whether alone or with company. We will be able to have great times rejoicing in the beautiful world that God made. And all games will be safe.

This is a dream I would like to make into reality. I have no control over what comes next, but I still hope. What does paradise look like for you?

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