New Man: A No Non-Sense Guide To A Man Divine

The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, psychological, archetypal ideal—the best and most inspiring, elevating, and restorative aspects of masculine expression and manifestation in the universe. “He”—along with the Divine Feminine—exists on a transpersonal, universal level that manifests through an individual’s psyche and becomes thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. (1)

At one point, I have spent much time on speaking of the men that I don’t want. I will continue to discuss toxic men, and this pimparchy system until there is no more. But I will speak more on the divine masculine men. Ill not only talk about identifying one, but also what characteristics I believe he will posses, and an example. Papoose from Love and Hip Hop will be my example for today. This is one of the only men on this show that you see not struggling with or broken over a woman. Why? Because he knows that the more you keep your woman happy, the more increase he will receive in his own life. Her happiness is his happiness, and he has no problem expressing his devotion to his wife.


He is very attentive to the needs of his wife. He expresses this a lot on his show. Remy knows she holds the key as well. You can tell she won’t expect anything less from him than his consistent effort, his affirmations, his support, and his devotion. She even shows holding him to her standards. As she have said, “I’m conceited, I got a reason.” He even waited for her to come home from prison, which many women who have been to prison, have not been afforded. Meanwhile sisters wait for men to come from prison, who wouldn’t wait for her to come home from work before he’ll try to replace her. I Digress….. He waited for her, didn’t hold that over her head, gave her the space for her to continue fulfilling her dreams, and as she arises, she puts her whole family on her set. His investment and devotion to her plays a huge part. He plays the role of the Divine Masculine in this post.

Only divine masculine men will understand this power of exchange. Your woman is the treasure. A Man Divine will make a direct connection to what makes her divine. This is where ascension takes place. Ascension in love and devotion, and family. This is where healing takes place. This is where the deepest connection is made. To know this, is to also know that this treasure needs to be secured. The relationship in itself is valuable. In this relationship, the way the woman is treated displays what the man is adding to the relationship. If she is provided for, protected, procreating, and he is professing his love for her; This Is A Man Divine. For the gift from such man is priceless.

The other men on the show have yet to learn this, or at least display this in their relationships with women. They treat their women like TRASH, they are clearly wounded, they are clearly bitter, have no consistent relationship with a woman, and always in some drama; even with women. They are even always in drama with other men they call brothers. Their bromance is not even working out for them. Perhaps they need to learn how the game works from Pap, and then we’d could see more healthy relationships on shows such as these. I digress……

When assessing these relationships, and the relationships around me. I’ve always found myself repeating through the same cycle of men. No matter the kind of man he is, he always seemed to be a liar, a heartbreaker, deceitful, yet charming. A narcissist. I tend to choose men that needed more guidance than I could provide, and some were abusive. As I learned from these experiences, I started to ask myself, “What kind of man are you looking for”? I usually give a generic answer: I just want a good man. “What makes a man a good man”? I sat there and pondered on this for a bit. I haven’t always had the best examples of what I would consider a good man to be. I then remember a picture I had come across on a social media that pretty much laid out what a good man is in four simple words,“Provide, Profess, Protect, and Procreate”. To me, without getting into the particulars, that’s what I would consider a good man. Not only a good one, but A Man Divine.

When it comes to the next man I choose, I will lead with “The Four P Program”. I’m a Pro…. Not a Hoe, and such woman deserves a man that can:



A good man would be able to provide for his household, for his woman, and their children. When I speak in terms of “providing”, I’m not necessarily speaking on a high salary scale. I Am Speaking on being able to sustain a household with a family. He should be able to pay bills, and provide the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. He will have a savings plan, a budget plan, and I personally prefer a man with a business plan. I’ve seen where people encourage women to stick by their man in his “struggle”, but there is a difference between struggling and not providing. A good man will do some of the most odds to ends jobs, hopefully legal, just to make sure his women and children eats. He knows taking care of them is his priority. If a man ain’t trying to earn any income and contribute to the bills, in my eyes he can NOT be that good of a man for a pro-woman. Let alone a man able to truly lead his family. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. There definitely needs to be a consistent effort to make sure a roof is over her head, there is food is on the table, they have reliable transportation, savings, investments, and business is ran properly. Even if he is working at a median salary range and is out of funds after all the bills and expenses are paid. I don’t call that broke, I call that taking care of your business. That’s what a good man will do.

Regardless if his current financial situation he has a budget, savings, investment, business and retirement plan or blueprint. He has a goal and vision for himself, and his legacy he wishes to provide for his family. He has long range, and short range financial goals. He is financially secure, and knowledgeable. He is a worker man, and does the WORK. He has financial goals for family vacations, and leisure activities. He has skills in the areas of finance that will benefit his family. He is not financially reckless with money and buys things he don’t need until he takes care of business. He is financially competent, and a man with a plan.


A good man should be willing, at any time, to profess his love for his woman. If you meet a man that is funny acting when his home boys come over, and stutters over his “I love yous” for the sake of pride, then he is not a man for a pro-woman. This is to include how he behaves when he is around other women. He will not be excessively flirting. He will announce who his woman is to anyone. He will claim her around women that like him. He will confirm his relationship when asked. Everyone he is connected to in his life will know who his woman is, and any title he defines for his relationship with his woman. He will publicly claim her, and profess his love her unashamed. He will let anyone know that his woman is under his care, and will try to sway any negative attention off of you.

A good man won’t just be “good” behind closed doors. He will proudly want to show you off to all of his friends and family. When he introduces you, he will clarify where your relationship stands with him, and tell people what you mean to him. Not only will he speak it, but he would act on it. I’m a believer in chivalry, but I’m not just talking roses and boxes of chocolate. He will be willing to do the simple things to try to keep a smile on your face. He will send you good morning and thinking of you texts. When it’s time for bed, and your make up is off your face, and your hair is tied up, he will look you in your eyes tell you how beautiful you are. He will constantly remind you that you are the woman he chooses and accepts you for the pro-woman you are. Flaws and all. He will always make you feel secure in your relationship and you will never have to second guess his love for you.


A good man is not only your man, but he is also your Warrior. He is not a coward, and full of courage to protect and defend his family. He will make sure that nothing outside of the house will negatively impact the household. He will stand his ground and defend his family from anyone that tries to bring any drama to the door. This will sometimes even include family and close friends. He won’t allow anyone to disrespect you and will not leave you hanging to fight battles he should be fighting. Mothers that don’t like you, will at least respect you, Your man should let his mother know that you are his woman and your here to stay. His home boys won’t try anything inappropriate with you, because he will check then from that moment and won’t tolerate it if it’s repeated. “Bros before Hoes” goes out the window. Even any other mother of his children will respect you, because he sets healthy boundaries with them. He will not allow you to deal with her foolishness if she’s being difficult. He will introduce you to her/them, and set boundaries from the beginning. He wouldn’t be passive about it either. These duties of a man are probably the hardest, because it can sometimes turn friends and loved ones into enemies. But if he is a good man and he knows for sure you are the right woman for him, he will take those risks.

He will have a safety plan for his family, and will be a man of good self-defense. He will make sure his family has self-defense skills, and can rely on him to physically protect his family if necessary. He will lead by example and not pose danger to his family. He will set boundaries within and around his household. He will even sacrifice himself for his family.


A good man will be willing to create a family with you, by whichever methods used. He knows that securing a legacy is important for any couple who desires to carry on their bloodline. If a woman is ready to have a child, he should be willing to give her one with proper family planning. He will be excited about a family with no worries, because he will have the other three attributes listed. Once the children come into the picture he will be able to give him the other three qualities he gives to you. He will be able to provide them their needs, his time and will make a plan with his family members. He will profess his love for his children and understand how important his love will mean to them. He was also protect them from any outside influences that can negatively impact the plans he creates for them. He will not abandon his family for selfish reasons. He will commit himself to his family, and make a formal commitment from the beginning he will abide by. Once the family grows, his love will ultimately grow not only for his woman but also for his children.

I broke down a man divine into four simple standards. I believe if you are looking for a man to build a sustainable relationship with, then that man should have at least these qualities. If he doesn’t have these qualities, this may cause issues in your relationship. If he is not able to provide, then you may find yourself arguing over money and bills all the time. If he doesn’t profess his love for you, then you will constantly question where you stand with him. If he doesn’t protect you, then you will never feel safe and secure in his arms. If he doesn’t want children and you do, you may never feel complete. These are things to consider outside of your personal preferences.

If a man can’t do these basic things on top of RESPECTFUL, RESOURCEFUL, and RESILIENT, what do you need him For? How does he define his manhood? For the men, if you want to set yourself up for success in a relationship, get with “The Four Ps Program”, and choose wisely fellas. I hope I was able to effectively explain what I consider A Man Divine.

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