My Love (A Poem)

My love is full of passion.
A deep fire that comes out in fury sometimes.
I will be mad that you are in pain, not sad.
I will be hurt in your pain, not glad.
I will feel joy in your success, not jealous.
I will run when you do the same, because I’m rebellious.

See my love is fueled by my desire to protect those I love.
I may not have the sweetest words, but I perform the kindest acts.
My love comes with feelings, as well as facts.
My love will empower you, when you are feeling odd,
I’ll remind you that you are royalty, and a child of God.
My love will move you, like a drill Sergent with her soldiers,
My love sees your beauty, like the eye of your beholder.

I don’t give sweet nothings, but I will often give you praise!
My love is consistent from the beginning, until your last days.
Riding the waves of ups and downs, I’ll remain loyal.
To me you are not insignificant, to me you are royal.

Match my fire and rage, we may bump heads.
Disrespect me, and I’ll see red.
I won’t strike you, unless you try to hurt me.
My love is a gift, so you’ll have to prove you deserve me.
I promise it will be worthwhile, I’ll give you reasons to praise and shout.
Do you want a taste of my love? Fuck around and find out!

With Love, Tanisha.

*Not specific to romantic love*

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