My Journey: Spiritual Warfare And Judgement Day

I wanted to share a few things about some visions and dreams I’ve had over the years since starting my spiritual journey in 2017 after my sister’s murder in 2016. Note that some of my visions can be as vivid as my physical body in them and physically participating in the visions. Sometimes I would even feel possessed for that moment. I started my journey with a prayer under the new moon in July 2017. I went to the beach with on old friend and we petitioned to our respective ancestors. I asked the question, “what am I meant to do on this Earth?”. I said it a few other things, but can’t remember. After I met my friend on the beach. After I sat down I felt a huge weight drop on my shoulders. Immediately I started crying. When my friend asked what was wrong, I told her something on the lines of “I feel that I have a huge purpose on this Earth, and I feel that I will have to do it all on my own”. The weight felt so heavy and I honestly was so scared of fail. We went back to our room and that was that.

The following month on 8/8/2017 I went to my altar for the sacred mothers and made a personal sacrifice of something of mine to ensure the prosperity of my family. In exchange for the sacrifice, I asked that my sister’s children would be taken care of (she was killed the year before). Meaning I wanted them to have financial wealth. Because of what I sacrificed, I started crying. While I was laying on my bed, I felt something moving in my stomach. I felt this comforting energy and a voice in my ear said, “be patient”. I wiped my tears and went to sleep.

The Baptism (August 2017): I had a dream that I was sitting on a beach. Then several versions of me at different ages came to meet me at the shore. They took me out to the ocean and baptized me. We went back on the beach and cried. Another dream, I dived into the ocean and swam to the bottom. I touched the ocean floor and swam back up to the surface. I swam to an island and walked through a forest. I came upon a cabin. I went inside and took a bath. When I came out, I saw several notebooks on a table. I opened one with a note that said, “Congratulations”, signed by my grandmother. I went to sit on the porch and saw a wolf come out of the forest. It came to me and sat next to me. The several wolves came out of the forest. Eventually all of these wolves turned into men.

Two weeks later, right before my 30th birthday (August 28th), I get a message from a woman (from South Africa) I’m friends with on Facebook that says she’s been having dreams about me and that the fathers in my family put a curse on the mothers in my family. She explained what the curse was (financial loss after every gain, unable to remember my dreams, and disconnection to my ancestral religion) and that she could remove the curse. We did the work to remove the curse and I began to remember more of my dreams. We worked together up until around February 2018.

The Dark Man (September 2017): One day I was walking out towards my ancestor altar in the living room and saw a big and tall dark man sitting on my couch. I turned on the light and went back into my room. I went to a medium who told me that it was an ancestor who was over 1,000 years old. She told me his name which is a name from the Akan people in Ghana. I felt this presence several times over the years when I would sit in the living room. A few times, I would be sitting on his lap.

The next four years up until February 2022, I’ve experienced ongoing spiritual warfare and had several visions surrounding me, my family, my ex lover, and those that have fought against me and my family; to include the old friend I initially petitioned the ancestors with. I will break these visions down based on the scenes of the visions.
The Board Room (A dream in October 2017): Over the next four years I will have several visions involving my ex lover (we will call him New Orleans), but one of the first ones I have of him involve us sitting in a board room with six other women. I sit to his left, and the friend I went to the beach with (I will call her Lola) is sitting on his right. I can’t remember the faces of the other women. He tells me that me and the other women have to get along. Assuming that he meant us forming a harem. I immediately declined and got up from the table and left. I have this vision a couple more times with the same scene and the same result. In the real world me and him were talking off and on as friends, but he made it clear that he didn’t want a relationship with me, so I was confused on why I was having these dreams about him wanting a polygamous relationship with me. Moving forward.

The Oak Tree (January 2018): During this time my mother was in a court battle with my niece’s father concerning custody. One day I laid in my bed and got into a state of sleep paralysis. A vision appeared and me and my sister was in a bedroom laying on a bed and listening to music. My sister’s BD (Dre) and the man that killed her pulled up to the house. I ran outside with a gun and chased her killer around the building. He ran down a hill and I ran back around front to find my sister, Dre, his “mother”, and a cop standing there with a gold contract. The cop told me that I have to sign the contract and I noticed my sister already signed and it involved my niece. I told them all that I will not sign it and we needed a better agreement. Then a gold board room table appeared under an oak tree. We went to the table with his mother at one head of the table, me and my sister on one side, and her BD sat under the oak tree. I don’t remember what all was discussed, but my mother came and sat at the table and the table shook. I told his mother, “You know you failed your son, right?” and she started crying. Dre came to the table and hugged his mother and I was pulled out of the vision.

The Wedding Chapel (January 2018): I had one random dream that I walked in a wedding chapel and Dre’s current girlfriend was at the altar and he was standing in the back up against a pew.

The Penthouse (February 2018): Me and New Orleans were in a penthouse and he told me, “I’m sorry about your sister”. When I asked him what he meant, I woke up before he could answer. I thought it meant that he had something to do with her murder and even confronted him about it. Then for some reason I felt the need to do their compatiabilty chart and saw that they were EXTREMELY compatiable with only one challenging aspect. In fact the summary even said “Perfect for each other”. It made me believe that he should of been with her instead of me.

The Court Room/The Chess Board (February or March 2018): While I was sitting at my ancestors altar, I was taken into a court room. I was sitting in the judge’s chair. I was told to pass a judgement on the world and I did. Then I was taken into a vision where I was on a chess board sitting on a throne. The throne was moving back and forth and I even felt my body moving with it. I look down and I see my father. He said to sit still, so I did. I saw men from the other side charging at us and was taken out of the vision. From this I took the message “sit comfortably”.

The Club (March 2018): I had a dream that I was with New Orleans in a club with him and his friends and we were celebrating his going away to a new location. He brought another woman as his date and told me that he was going home with her. I said okay and sat at the end of the VIP section. I saw a man walking by and I kicked my shoe off in front of him. He picked it up, put it on my foot and asked me to dance. We danced to the song “I’m Still In Love With You Boy” by Sean Paul and Sasha. After we danced, he walked me back to the VIP section and handed me a business card. He told me, “I know you gotta friend an all, but when you’re ready for a husband, give me a call”. I woke up and told New Orleans that we can’t be friends anymore, because its holding me back from my husband and we ended our friendship. He said he understood.

The Dinner Table (March 2018): Two weeks later while I was preparing to move in with a friend in another state, I had a dream that she tried to fight me over New Orleans. We were sitting at a dinner table with several other men she called her brothers. This particular sister is an Eastern Star, so I assumed the men were Masons. She told me she wanted him, and I told her she could have him. She then got up and started charging after me. I stood up from the table and began to wake up from the dream. As I began to wake up, I felt someone’s hands pressing into my skull. I jumped up and saw a spirit that looked like my sister’s baby daddy (Dre) run out into my hallway. I chased it into the hallway and it disappeared.

The Boardroom/The Hotel (March 2018): I had a dream that I was sitting in a boardroom in the sky. My father was at one head of the table, my mother and grandmother at the other. I was sitting next to my father. He told me that I had to get married and pointed to the men on the other side of me. I saw New Orleans and my sister’s other baby daddy, but didn’t recognize the others. I told my father I don’t want to get married, and we argued. Then he told some guards to seize me. I got up from the table and jumped out the window behind him. As I was falling, wings appeared and I went into the sky. I could even feel the rush of the fall and rise. I landed on the ground in a forest. I heard men behind me and started running. I woke up. I went to get some coffee and went back to sleep. Another dream occurred and I was in a car. I drove to a resort in the mountains and met my Grandma and my niece in a parking lot. We went into a hotel and my Grandma introduced me to a woman that she said was my great-grandmother Mary. We went to a balcony and on the floor below us was a party. They were playing “I’m Every Woman” and we sang to it. Then a woman came up to us and said “Yall sound good. Yall could be famous”. I responded, “I don’t want to be famous”. She says, “He is not going to like that”. I asked, “Who will not like that?”. All of a sudden the whole room turns to fire and a man/beast appears (who I assume is the Devil). He says to me “I want to take care of you”. I woke up, looked over my shoulder and said, “Get behind me satan”.

4/20 Party (April 2018): Me and my mother went to a 4/20 paint and sip party. While we were painting several things happened. One, I noticed that the person DJing had a hat that said New Orleans. As he was scratching, I felt movement in my stomach. He played a part of a song that said, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” a few times. Then I felt like I was sitting on eggs. I said to myself, “Deviled Eggs”. I look over to the painting on my right and the woman painted a mouth with fangs. My Mama’s painting on the left looked like Royalty. I said outloud, “My Mama’s painting looks like roylaty!”. Then I felt a male spirit behind me. It felt like New Orlean’s energy. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and my friend came outside. I said to her, “Something is going on. I felt like I was laying eggs and then I felt New Orleans behind me. I don’t know whether to fuck him or fight him”. She told me, “Remember when I told you the other day that a woman said I would have a child?”. I nodded. She told that every Queen needs a King. Then she got a woman to sage me. Eventually I tired to calm down and ignore what was happening to my body. Then as u was painting, the DJ played, “Always in my hair” by Prince. I said in my head, “I love the D’Angelo version”. Then the DJ played the D’Angelo version. I looked at him and smiled. I felt that somehow we were in sync. Then we all finished painting and the DJ says, “The energy is so good here, we should all get naked in the middle of the floor”. I rolled my eyes and we took a group picture. As we were taking the group picture, I felt like I was levitating. I had to push my weight into the floor just to stay grounded. I was also rocking back and forth. Eventually we left the party and my friend told me and my mother that next time it will be better. As we were leaving, I told my mother, “It was some weird things going on”. My mother told me, “I need to learn to let things go”.

The Corner Office/Penthouse (July 2018): So a few things happen over the course of the next few months. I had several visions of witches chanting over me and this resulted in me ending some friendships. I continuously have visions of New Orleans with several women trying to throw being with him in my face. Once I was laying in bed and looked up at the ceiling and saw him with a friend of mine and she stuck her tongue out at me. I tried my best to ignore it, because I had more important stuff going on and I was having a hard time deciphering between reality and the spiritual realm. In July, New Orleans messaged me on Facebook, told me he was coming into town and wanted to take me out for a drink. I told him yes at first, because I wanted to tell him about what was going on, then later declined and decided to go out of town. The day of him coming into town, I woke up from a nightmare and felt this heavy energy on top of me. I jumped up and tried to get off my bed and felt it trying to pull me back. Eventually I got loose and packed my bags and left. I drove to Tennessee. While I was out of town I keep feeling like I was losing my mind and something was possessing me. Even when me and my friend went to church, I felt a snake like energy slither up my back and I had to step into the foyer to collect myself. I told myself, “trust yourself” and kept pushing through. When I got back home I had a dream. It started in the corner office of a building and I was the boss of a company. After a meeting I go home to a penthouse, and see New Orleans standing there with my niece (my mother just lost custody the month before). He says, “Are you tired of running yet?”. I woke up. I contacted him and asked him if he knew my nieces Godmother and if he came in town to visit her (they’re both from New Orleans). He said no.

Various Visions (2018-2019): In the beginning of my spiritual journey, I took a break from school. In Fall 2018, I went back to school. After confronting New Orleans, my visions and dreams of him stopped for a while, however, The Dark Man in my home started to become more violent towards me. It even raped me a few times with other spirits. The ONLY time it wasn’t violent was when I was cleaning my home or cooking. I assumed that this dark man wanted me to be a housewife as anytime I was doing my homework, it would chant in my ear negative things. These attacks eventually caused me to move in 2018 into a new apartment, in hopes that the attacks would stop. It did for a while, then new visions started to come to me.

The Waiting Room (2019): Several times while sitting in my living room, I was pulled into visions of me in a office waiting room. The people in the waiting room said they were waiting to see “God”. When I was called back, I saw a man sitting behind a desk. The first time it was just me and him. He asked me, “Do you want love or money?”. I chose money. The vision ended. The second time New Orleans was in the chair next to me and he pointed at him. “Do you want love or money?”. I chose money. The third time was the same as the second.

The Board Room (2019): Several mornings throughout the year, I would wake up in a board room and would be questioned about several minor conflicts with people. The people at the table changed, but my Mama (Left) and New Orleans (Right) was always next to me. Lola was there a few times, bringing up the conversation that ended our friendship. A few times a celebrity couple would be on the other side talking about war.

The Talk Show (July 2019): I had a vision I was on a talk show promoting my book and New Orleans stood up in the audience and accused me of raping him.

A Message (July 2019): A message came to me that New Orlean’s ancestors and my ancestors want us to get married to merge the bloodlines. I rejected.

The Big House: I had several visions of being in a big house with New Orleans. A few times we would be sitting in the living room chilling, and a few times we were at a cookout. A few times he tried to have sex with me.

Paradise: One day I was so overwhelmed with spiritual attacks, I went out onto my patio to get some fresh air. As I was sitting outside I saw a vision of a beautiful forest and a waterfall. I said to myself, “Paradise”. The next day I went to the campus library and looked up and saw a man wearing a shirt that said, “Paradise”. At that time, I began to believe I was being watched. Or maybe it was a sign. I don’t know. But I saw Paradise several times. Most times in Paradise it would be just me and my daughters playing outside. A few times I would be pregnant. Once I gave birth to a daughter named, Love. Once New Orleans was standing outside and another time he brought a celebrity.

The Birth (January 2020): One time while on the phone talking to my friend, Dre appeared in my bedroom and stated that he was going to kill my uncle. I almost drove to his house, but something told me not to worry. Then him and other people appeared outside my window. Moments later I saw and felt what looked like a globe come out of my vagina and out my window. The people outside tried to grab it, but it flew away. At that moment I felt defeated and cried myself to sleep. Weeks later I decided enough was enough and got on medication.

A Father’s Final Request? (March 2020): I was in my bedroom and I looked to my left and saw my father. He said, “remember what I told you”. I immediately remember when he told me I had to get married. An hour later I got a call that he passed away. Was that a final request?

The Chessboard/The Attacks (November 2021): I was hit daily with various attacks for two weeks and began feeling like I was being watched. I noticed social media was posting things that correlated with thoughts and visions I was having. I was blocked on FB so I couldn’t even post about it. Alot happened, so I’ll only post a few things. 1) Someone took my wallet and keys from my nightstand. I woke up and saw that it was missing. Something pulled me out my bed, pushed me to my knees, and I prayed asking for it back. Someone sat it next to me on my bed. 2) Someone cut my clitoris, the inside of my vagina, my breasts, the nerves in my hand, and tried to cut my vocal cords. I was sitting on my bed awake as this was happening. I lost feeling in these places at first, but it since came back. 3) I woke up and Dre was standing at my bedroom door and said, “Welcome to my dream world”. I heard several people in my living room. 4) Visions of New Orleans with a celebrity woman, Lola, and my niece’s godmother. 5) Visions of me in a courtroom because someone was trying to steal my identity (Lola and My Niece’s godmother). 6) Right ear started popping when I would ask questions. Still is. 7) Third Eye activated and I saw a vision of me being God. 8) Posessed several times. 9) Felt like I was sitting on a throne. 10) Saw a chess board on the floor and I walked it. “Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins was playing. Sun begins to shine and I celebrate. 11) Visions of me at a board table with people trying to get me to confess to a crime. 12) Visions of people yelling at my Mama about me. 13) Saw a chess board on the floor and walked it. Someone pushed me from behind. “Family Worship Medley” by Kirk Franklin playing just as he says “Just Fall Down!”. I laugh and keep walking.

Wonder Woman (February 2022): The last week of February, I had several visions of people attacking me. One was an old male friend who said he was mad at me for turning him down years ago for another man. I reached out to him and asked him if those were his feelings and apologized if I hurt him. Then on the 25th, I was sitting on my bed listening to my “Black Girl Power” playlist and I was seeing an Army of Black Women who looked like Amazonians. I celebrated these women in a series of posts on Facebook. Then I began to hear voices. One sounded like my dad’s in my left ear, and my mother’s in my right ear. Something told me that there was a war between men and women with my father (Mars) against my mother (Venus). This confirmed what the spiritual healer told me in 2017. I almost committed suicide just to get myself from being in the middle of it and it landed me in the hospital for a week. When I came out (after having several visions of someone trying to steal my identity) and came home, a certain newfound Gratitude came over me. From that point, I made a promise to continue fighting for myself, follow the path laid out for me by my higher power, and make my dreams come true.

A few things to Summarize everything that happened:

  • I asked the Ancestors what I am meant to do on this Earth. I didn’t know that I was meant to be apart of this spiritual warfare, which is a game of chess. I am assuming that I Am A Queen on one side, because of the several times I have sat on thrones over the years. Also, my middle name literally means Queen (Regina). With my first name it means Night Queen or Queen of The Night (Ears started popping as I typed the precious sentence). I just don’t know if this war game is over yet.
  • There is something significant about me and my ex lover, but for the most part I’M OVER IT! But one thing to note is my Mama calls me Sunshine and He calls himself Rain.
  • There’s a male spirit that is trying to force me to be submissive.
  • Despite being a compassionate advocate for black women, there are some that are JEALOUS OF ME AND WANTS TO BE ME.
  • We are under judgement (court room).
  • We will be given two paths to choose from (Waiting Room). Choose Wisely.
  • I’m supposed to run a buisness. (Board Room).
  • My Ancestors want me to get married and have a baby. Possibly to bring them back into the bloodline. Possibly with my ex lover. I even had a dream yesterday of a child named Jesus and they said it was my son. However, I’m not ready for marriage or children.
  • There is a war between men and women on who will rule the world for the next thousands years. The Ancestors are trying to reconcile the differences between men and women. However, most of the spiritual work is being done on the female, and not the male. More spiritual work needs to be done on the male to transform them into more unconditionally loving beings so relationships between men and women can improve.

If you made it this far, THANKS FOR READING AND HOPEFULLY YOU’LL UNDERSTAND. I would definitely love to hear and will be open to your thoughts on what I shared. The attacks haven’t been as severe these last few months, but its still a daily battle to stay strong. I am confident that everything will be fine as I believe that my higher power and my ancestors are protecting me and want the best for me. Many good things have been happening as well, and I have been prepared to do some deep healing work for myself and others. I have been building my empire day by day and maybe one day you and I will see my plans come into fruition.

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