My Experience With Witchcraft

My Thoughts on Witchcraft:

Having tried the “witchcraft” (including Hoodoo), I realized that it’s all satanic. It has alot of negative energy surrounding it. When I tried to do some rootwork, My apartment became haunted. My dreams became nightmares. I had sleep paralysis for months on end. I woke up with marks on my body. The best way I can describe it was attacked by demons…. there is alot of evil that surrounds rootwork and I personally believe it generates bad karma. After moving from that apartment I had to cleanse my body with baths and salts and sage my place constantly to get rid of the negative energy. I was so haunted it almost drove me to a mental hospital! I side eye many women that call themselves witches. They will even do a root against you for the most petty reasons and alot of their work requires a sacrifice. Sacrifices brings bad karma. I want no parts of it. Black women don’t need magic. We need miracles and to make wiser choices. The most I do now is light a white candle and pray to the spirit. Prayer literally saved my life and it’s only to the source/the spirit. I also tapped prayers all around my apartment to keep the spirits out. Prayer saves my life. Prayers are also spells. You perform the magic by simply speaking and setting intention, followed by YOUR actions. If you curse others, you also curse yourself.

I think light “craft” work can bring good energy work and manifest many good things into your life, but “rootwork” is very Satanic in nature and requires sacrifices, even of life. That brings bad karma. A life for a life. People think it’s all cute, fun and games, but it’s not a game to play with. Play spades, but not with the spiritual life. KNOW the symbols you worship. KNOW the words you speak. KNOW the energy you are tapping into. I stopped the Hoodoo work, because I realized it invited in spirits that didn’t connect with mine and it attacked me. I personally believe an Angel has been walking by my side. When I first started the rootwork a dark spirit came into my living room and left me scared to go in there for months. Now I am in a new apartment and doing light craft work and only praying for light things such as peace, truth, justice, love, and a good well being. Since then my journey became more spiritual and peaceful.

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