Mr. Lack Of Ambition

Let’s talk about Mr. Lack of Ambition. While I understand the average man is an average earner and conquered, an intelligent and self-loving man will do everything in his power to elevate himself and his family. Unless he has severe mental illness or disabilities, he should always strive to increase his wealth for himself and his family. A man that sits idle or worse sabotages himself will drag you to hell with him if you let him. A man who doesn’t see his family as motivation to pull them out of poverty is defeated. Defeated men are just as dangerous of men with extreme wealth who don’t pour wealth into his tribe.

A man in survival mode is a whole different beast, though. He’ll slowly kill you by taking all of your support and doing nothing substantial with it. He’ll abuse you severely so he can feel powerful in a society where he is defeated. He’ll try to pimp women to ride on their back to wealth. He’ll steal from members in his communities (many who are also struggling). He’ll demand submission from women more powerful than him and will proceed to try to break her. He’ll avoid taking care of his children and watch them starve while living off of another woman. He’ll join gangs and unalive other men and women to feel like a warrior. He’ll use you to elevate him and abandon you and your children.

A conquered man is dangerous to your life, well-being, and mental health and will destroy your life. A man of wealth can also do the same, but the average man of wealth is family oriented. The conquered man gets on podcasts and social media and demands that people serve him while he serves no one. A man of wealth will create jobs, invest in business owners, provide welfare to people he is not responsible for, and create organizations that provide food, shelter, and access to resources. A man of wealth will conquer anyone to make sure their families have wealth for generations.

I used to have empathy for conquered men. I used to try to speak power into them. I used to give them pussy. I used to give them so much emotional support. What did they do in return? TRY TO BREAK ME or went to the next woman to see what he could get out of her when I set boundaries. NO WOMAN OWES A CONQUERED MAN A DAMN THING. We are not the ones oppressing them. It is not our job to uplift them, unless you have a son who is still a child. As a grown man he should be on the hunt for what he wants. He should be honorable enough to not destroy others in his pursuit. He should want to be an asset and not a liability. He should do the heavy lifting for his family and communities. These are the only men that deserve praise, because he elevates himself, his family, and his community. He is the fence and shield of his home, his land, and his resources. He is the shield and will not use you as his. THIS IS THE MANHOOD THAT MEN PROMISED US. Make him honor his word.

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