Money Is Love, Peace, And Happiness

We live in a world that tells poor people that chasing money is a waste of time, money is evil, and money can’t buy happiness. While I have never been rich, I have had some wealth at times, and at times I have been broke. One thing I can conclude: Money IS Love, Peace, and Happiness. While there are things that can make you sad that money can’t fix, having money damn sure helps. I have been the broke black girl with dreams, only to find out my bank account told me I couldn’t afford it. There are plenty of things to do for free, but the more grand experiences cost money. I want those grand experiences. I want wealth to share with my family and friends. I want the freedom that comes with not having to check my account daily, and to move freely as I wish. The freedom to retire at a younger age, so I have both the money and health to actually do more things. I’m learning that this freedom costs money, and I can never fully rest until I make enough. With the money will come the Love, Peace, and Happiness. And I will explain how.

Money Is Love.

They say chasing money is a waste of time, because it will never give you the love you need. That money only attracts people who want to use you and discard you when they come up. Thankfully, I have already found my soulmate friends who will love me for the rest of my lifetime, and thankfully no one in my life has ever been dependent on my money. Rarely even ask me for it. This is why it’s important to build these friendships when you are young and broke. It is true: You will know who really loves you, when you’re broke. But what isn’t love is being around people who want you to stay broke. Love is the highest frequency that exists, and to match this frequency, you’re currency (money) needs to be on the same wave length. This leads to the peace and happiness as well. I enjoy having friends who don’t ask me for much, but because I love them, I want to be able to afford grand experiences with them. I want to afford to buy them gifts, go on trips with them, attend events with them, and participate in activities with them. To have the best experiences will require wealth, and when the money aligns, the love will align. That’s how I see it.

When it comes to romance, I learned that they most painful path to take is to chase men. See, men are chasing money so they can afford model chicks, so most likely the men you meet when you are broke or when they are broke will eventually leave when they come up if you are the average woman. We have seen this play out so many times. On the extremes, many men use money to control poor women. Financial abuse has led to more trauma for women, and the inability to escape abuse. A woman’s greatest protection in capitalistic patriarchy is her money, so best get your money up, sis. And when you get your money, only deal with men who match your frequency. A man only chooses the woman he truly wants when he’s rich. So in essence, money IS Love. You will have a better return on investment chasing money, than men and love.

Money Is Peace

There is no greater stress than having to worry about how you will pay your bills, or eat. When you are poor, you are never at peace. Constantly working dead end jobs that keeps you poor, and can hardly take time off, because you can’t afford it. What I have learned during my time when I was financially secure, is that my stress was significantly reduced. I saved up enough money to take a break from work for over a year, and during that time I got the rest I needed. This year has been one of my most peaceful. It wasn’t until I started to drain my savings, when the stressors came back, but this time when I work, I will be more rested and working jobs that will provide me with the vacation time that I need. The peace in knowing you don’t have to work if you don’t want to is unexplainable. It’s the freedom from a schedule, toxic work environments, and a dreadful routine that people only in retirement can understand. The freedom to do whatever you want, when you want. THAT’S PEACE. I will not take this break for granted, and can’t wait for the next one!

Money Is Happiness

Research have shown that poverty increases the risk for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. And considering that poverty increases the risk for violence, poverty can be linked to PTSD. So when people have money, they are happier. With the exceptions of the lonely, the broken hearted, and the overworked, having money can buy your happiness. Having your bills paid leads to happiness. Living in a safe neighborhood leads to happiness. Being able to afford vacations leads to happiness. Eating good food leads to happiness. Being able to afford social events leads to happiness. Having money increases your chances of being happy, so in essence money IS Happiness. Also people who are happy tend to make more money. Their infectious happy energy attracts more wealth energetically. Their networks are larger, so their chances of making money is increased. Depressed people hardly work, hardly seek out opportunities to better themselves, and tend to have the least friends. No one wants to be around a sad and depressed person, so money has no way into their life. When you are happier, you will be able to attract more money. Which is why when I took my break from working, I did the healing work to get to my happy place. And now any money that I make moving forward will be just a bonus, to maintain my happiness. So I suggest that if you struggle with low moods, SAVE YOUR MONEY, and do the healing work to get to your happy place. Then you will be able to get to the money.

Happiness, Peace, Love, and Money are all on the same frequency. This is why when you lack money you lack in all other areas, Which comes first? I say get to the happiness first, and everything else will align. Do the healing work to uncover your anger, sadness, and hurt and confront it. Find a happy place that is easy to maintain.  Find peace through acceptance and radical self acceptance. Find love in yourself and with your loved ones. Then the money will flow to you like water.

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