Love Jones.

Men will never volunteer themselves to go through the pain of Love that they suggest for women. They are not trying to deal with heartbreak in ways that women have. In fact, they are deadly afraid of it. They rather stay in the energy of passion, because its instant and short lasting. This is why they are able to go from woman to woman without feeling pain, shedding tears, or collecting scars. Have you not noticed much of R&B and Soul music from the 60s until present talks about the “ups and downs”, the “joys and pains”, the “pain and pleasure”? Know they mean YOU black woman, NOT THEM. So if you see them ask women to tolerate anything less than the highest and greatest form of love, REJECT IT.

What is the highest and greatest form of love? Without pain. Without envy. Without lies. Without deception. Without ulterior motives. Without selfishness. Without worry. Without stress. Without foolishness. Without drama. Offers stability. Offers provision. Offers comfort. Offers grace. Offers happiness. Offers peace. Offers joy. Offers pleasure. Offers delight. The pure essence of Love should feel like Paradise, not Hell. Should feel like Sunshine on most days, amd smooth jazz in the Rain. At least that’s the Love I’m looking for. I think they call it Love Jones.

Good Luck Sistahs.

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