Letting The Inner Black Girl Come Out To Play.

When I first started my FB group, I called it the “Phoenix Rising Sistah-Hood”, because of my love of the death and rebirth process. I’ve come to understand that many women reach a breaking point (her lowest point) and begins to destroy the parts of her that got her to that point. After those parts are destroyed, a new woman emerges from the ashes. A woman ready to get the life she so desires. A woman ready to take on the world. And she repeats this cycle until she becomes her highest self (Crone).

But what I realized is that in this, she can’t do this in environments that are sick. She constantly becomes sicker, more broken, and more insane as she travels her journey. How many restarts do a good women need to get what she wants out of life? Only one. From the good woman back to the bad girl she was as a girl. Back to the girl that she was before patriarchy got a hold of her. She can’t transform until she goes back to the beginning of who she is at the core. That little girl with big dreams. That young woman with Ambition. That young girl who had no worries and made the world her playground. We shouldn’t want to die, we should want to LIVE for her. Now we got money to build our sanctuary. Now we have our voices to speak up for ourselves. Now we have wisdom to deal with people correctly. Now we are grown.

So if you really want to change the world, let that little girl come out to play. Let her RULE. She is love at the purest form. She is magic at the highest frequency. She is rage in its most dark. We need more girls who can LEAD. We need more girls who are FUN. We need to let the inner girl come out to play. And I guarantee we will run this world.

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