Karma: A Pathway to Liberation

I truly believe we all serve an individual purpose and a collective purpose. Do you know your purpose? I realize that your spiritual journey is the transformation of not just merely existing but living a purpose driven life. We all have a part to play. Are you playing your part? Many people may resent their purpose or their karma (karma simply means what you are here to do), but others find happiness. It gives them meaning. It drives them to strive for their goals and motivates them to accomplish all their tasks. I believe the ones that people believe are “blessed” are people who are living their purpose. Blessing rain down on them because they serving their greater purpose. They are rewarded. This is also why you shouldn’t be jealous when you see people living their best life. You don’t know their full story or what journey they are meant to travel. Minding your buisness will keep you focused on your lane. #WatchYourLane Also, there are no coincidences. You meet who you are meant to meet. Who’s in your life is meant to be in your life. What you learn from those experiences, pay it forward. Teach others your lessons. We are all students and teachers in this game of Life. And it’s a game of chess. Choose your next move, wisely.

Again, do you know your purpose?

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