It Won’t Stop At Roe: Taking Our Power Back Through Abstinence.

Why Women Are Afraid Of Abstinence When Our Reproductive Rights Are Being Taken Away:

– They are afraid they will not be able to say “NO” and abstain from sex for awhile.
– They are afraid that saying, “No” will put us in danger.

If you are in fear, I want you to know you are not completely helpless. If you are able, you can protect and defend yourself. This is not the time to lay down and feel defeated. There are ways you can protect yourself if you train yourself and coach yourself into recognizing your power. Give it time. But what I will say is that this is not the time for casual dating if you don’t want to be stuck with a certain man. In fact, this is the time to only sex men who you see yourself wanting to deal with for at least 18 years. In regards to fear of physical violence, some security methods that can make you feel safer:

– Get a weapon and stay armed.
– Learn self defense
– Get security cameras at your home
– Live in neighborhoods with security cameras on the property and have lights around the property.
– If you travel at night, don’t travel alone or call someone while your out.
– Make sure you have a buddy that checks on you at least daily, or just check in daily to let people know you are alive.

You’re fear is valid, but there are things that you can do to take your power back. Remember: YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY POWERLESS! We are no longer little girls who needs a knight to save us. NOW, WE ARE GROWN! LET’S ACT LIKE IT!

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