Invisible War: What’s in a name?

I want to talk about the words of beings that people say are powerful spiritual beings. Over the last two years I have spoke about some spiritual practices that I was testing, and some of the spiritual transformations I have been going through. I truly believe in an overlay of a spiritual world that co exists with this physical one. I have felt these energies that feel like spirits. The etymology of the word spirit means “to breathe”. This is what connects everyone and everything on this Earth. The Spirit around us that allows us to breathe, the blood in our veins, and the DNA in our cells. I have felt spirits that I can not see. And what I have seen has merely been brushed off as hallucinations. However, I can not shake what I feel.

This is when I decided to start speaking what I was feeling. I would just talk to whatever I was feeling around me. I would get a reaction to words I speak. At first this scared me and at many points I felt attacked. I then started praying. However, I was still researching many spiritual systems so the question came: WHO DO I PRAY TO? Over the last two years I began testing who to pray to and what responses I would receive, and started to pay attention to what I felt. The feelings that I got from speaking the words during prayers. These words are God, Lord, Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Jesus, Mary, Spirit, Calling out my ancestors names, Angel’s and Demons:

God- A Loyal animal/Protector
Lord- A man/pimp/father/possible pedo
Devil- A Trickster/Dark Man/Jealous Man
Satan- A jealous bitch
Lucifer- A lover
Jesus- A healing spirit
Mary- A Mother’s love
Spirit- A connection to a bigger picture that would be revealed to me
Ancestors- Messengers
Angels- A messenger
Demons- Insidious spirits/Vampires

I am not trying to be disrespectful to anyones religious beliefs. This is describing briefly what I felt when I would say these words while I was doing rituals and praying. I learned to pray to these entities only when the prayer required whatever I needed. Because I grew up Christian I sometimes just naturally say these words without thinking about it. There are some words I try to be mindful not to speak because of the feelings I got after. I have to keep my emotions in check and my mind right, so I am learning to not call out names anymore.

I am saying all of this to say, be careful who you pray to. You really don’t know what power is behind these words and what they truly mean. If you trust that whyte people would give you tools to save yourself, you may be foolish.

What feelings do you get when you say these words?

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