If It Ain’t Love. (A Poem)

…..I don’t want it.
If it doesn’t open up my soul and heal all my wounds instantly, keep it.
Your desire to tear down this tree is tempting but not enough.
Your desire for me to be your servant wife, isn’t appealing enough.
The many ways you want me to serve you, doesn’t make my soul sing.
The many ways you can please me, has been promised before.
The many ways you can show me what a good man can be, is tired.
I want excellence in love.
To rise in it, and make a 9 inch stay hard for hours.
To ascend to the Heavens when I hear your voice say those magic words.
To make me wanna have your child, because I know you will love us equally.
To make me wanna be a better woman, because since a child, I’ve been a bad girl.
To make me wanna show you my dark side, since most men have been scary.
To make me wanna write an album with your name on it.
To make me wanna put a ring on it.
To make me wanna sing on it.
To make me wanna get you branded on my chest.
To make me realize why I couldn’t settle with the rest.
To make me realize my poems been about you.
A love story, that will make history.
Can you do that for me?
If it ain’t Love, I take it as hate.
For you not to recognize Love personified and deny it, is treason.
For you not to honor my five reisons.
For you not to honor my five reisons.
For you not to honor my five reisons.
For you not to honor my five reisons.
For your not to honor my five reisons.
Give me something to believe in.
If it ain’t Love….. What is it?

With Love,

Art Source: Diamonds By Numbers

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