I Choose To Hate

I choose to hate those that have caused me harm. My love of them is keeping me energetically tied to them. My choice to love them is holding me back from my best self. Being afraid to trigger them is keeping my life in a state of chaos, lack, and loss. So, I choose to trigger them. I choose to bring them down. I choose to piss them off.

I’ve spent years suffering, because I refused to name my hate. I choose to give myself grace for that. I endured emotional turmoil to avoid calling out the names attached to people that caused my pain. I hid myself from my greatness, because I was afraid to be seen by them. I’m no longer afraid of any attacks that come my way. I’m no longer afraid of rumors they’ll spread or the lies they’ll tell. I’m living my truth as a woman of BOTH love and hate.

I choose to free myself with my choice to hate those that hate and harm me. I choose to give myself permission to hate some of God’s children. I rest in my divine femininity of rage and chaos. I allow my hate to fuel my movement forward towards my destiny. I allow my hate to fuel my self love as revenge for those that hate and have hurt me. I allow my hate to be expressed in my words and through my voice. My hateful words will open my throat chakra. I use my hate as a tool to redefine what healing is. I use my hate as a means to generate currency for my family and fallen ancestors.

I love and breathe my hate by becoming the most gorgeous ferocious beast that ever lived. My hate keeps me sweet, yet living in truth. My love will not be wasted or taken for granted ever again. From my hate births, the most self loving woman on the planet. Thank you to my haters!

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