I Am Tanisha: 21 Facts About Me.

21 FACTS About Tanisha:

I have a short bio on my about me page, but I decided to do a blog about some FACTS about me, and Who I AM. I believe that if this is understand, the intent and direction I have with this blog can become clearer. They can also help tie to the subjects discussed in my blog based on personal experience, and observation.

1. I am easy going, because I like to be comfortable no matter where I am at. So if you are cool, I am cool. If you are not cool, I’ll still be cool as long as you don’t put hands on me, or speak too much out of line.

2. No need to lie to me. I have had many people say (and even do) some of the most horrible things to me, and I always adjust. I am resilient and pretty self sufficient.

3. I love ART in all forms! I love writing! I have been writing since I was a child. I can draw pretty well too, but I can improve always. I also love MUSIC! Music is my medicine sometimes. I can’t wait until I write more and create more Masterpieces!

4. I love interacting with people! Always something to learn! I am in school for social work! I know my own destiny is to provide humanitarian service and to become a healer.

5. I am SERIOUS about sisterhood and advocacy for women and children. This is also in my astrological blueprint! I also ADORE Elders and those with “sage wisdom”.

6. I love many things OLD SCHOOL! Especially music! In fact, the frequency of the music nowadays gives me a headache! I also have very traditional ways! I value traditions as something important in culture, and maintaining order and balance.

7. I dont have many things I fear. I don’t even fear death! So when people try to put fear in me, I see it as a challenge,but I usually cut those sort of people off because they tend to be hurtful.

8. I absolutely HATE drama! I thin most of it is pointless and unnecessary. I’m definitely not that tolerant or drama.

9. I can be friendly, but I usually have so many things on my mind. Often people mistake my silence and aloofness as being stuck up. I am not very trusting of people, so don’t be surprised if you meet me and I just observe you. I have to see if we “vibe”.

10. I love to DANCE! I dance to my own rhythm, so I wont give a damn about any criticisms! lol Dancing makes me happy! I love being happy!

11. I live a boring life. I spend most of my time ALONE, because I always have things on my mind. So I definitely am a woman who needs her space, and that sometimes made it hard for me to maintain relationships.

12. I can be petty. Usually I dont entertain mess and drama, but sometimes I can be petty. Especially if I see you try to compete with me or challenge me.

13. I have a very sensual side that not many have ever experience with me. I take very serious who I reveal certain sides of myself to. Many have tried to ruin my reputation purposely.

14. Attention seeking people are exhausting to me. I am very empathic and can pick up on people taking my energy.

15. I have two extremes. I either fuck with you all the way, or not at all. In between its all business, cordial, or merely associative.

16. LOYALTY is my number one Value I honor and expect in my close relationships.

17. A cardinal rule in my life: MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. I cant stand nosy people and gossipers, because that usually creates drama.

18. Don’t ever assume you know me. I evolve and change daily.

19. My career goals is to have my own counseling practice or center, to open a non profit organization for black women and children, to become an ordained spiritual healer, and to publish many books. A healer and an Artist.

20. I try to respect other peoples space and privacy. As a healer and future counselor I know it’s important. If I don’t, tell me and normally I adjust.

21. I LOVE Sunflowers, Incense, EATING (I am always hungry lol), Going on long drives, BEACHES, BOOTS, and Children’s movies! I also study many different spiritual subjects such as religion, astrology, numerology.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that these small details about me can offer some clarity as I continue to write and post on this blog. I also am working on a book, so please be on the look out for any books or events I may create in the near future to help expand my platform, and share my journey.

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