How many little black girls dreamed of prince charmings, when the hell on Earth mostly offered her demons and devils? Who warned her that his charm was the kryptonite to girls who had cruel mothers and abandoning fathers? That his lack of emotions wasn’t the mystery of a man hiding more to offer, but of a man who was empty; who needed her love desperately so he could feel alive again? And you foolishly gave him that love didn’t you? And didn’t care if he gave you the same, but only that he showed you some appreciation? Did you get it? No? And now the heart of a fool is broken.


Too many wounded souls so scared of love, they stop searching for it. Because everyone wears masks and you never know what lies beneath until it’s too late. Acts of kindness are distrusted. Evil ways are comical. The wretched rise to the top and the good people scavenge at the bottom for the scraps. The love of God is questioned, while the masses romanticize the devil’s deeds. Good people are accused of being toxic for being “too positive”. Evil people are respected for being “too real”. How can you tell who the good ones are? The ones riddled with anxiety, because they are fiercely guarding their hearts from danger. The ones with PTSD, because they were traumatized for having pure hearts and minds. And the psycho angels who are brave enough to lift their swords to fight demons.

The ways that Earth is Hell and Tortures People:

– The kindest people are hurt the most and the evil people are respected.
– People only want to speak the truth when they know it will be hurtful. Never use as much enthusiasm to speak good truth.
– The truth is always perceived to be something that will be earth shattering, verses earth enlightening.
– People harass victims more than they harass abusers.
– People tell victims to forgive their abusers while social groups are moving towards abolishing prisons.
– People hate the idea that many people are completely innocent. People always try to victimize villains, while villianizing victims.
– Some of the most fake people are the people that smile the most, because being evil is fun and they know their prey will let their guard down if they smile.
– People will ignore the immorality of the villain, while preaching morality to victims.
– There are billionaires while people starve and have other needs not met.
-.People treat their pets better than each other.
– People only expect certain people to be perfect based on whether they like them or not.
– Comedians joke about the misfortunes of others and are seen as good people.
– People will believe something bad about you, before they believe something good about you.
– People will be jealous of people who love them.
– People will criticize you before they compliment you.

These are the examples I can think of. After I’ve seen hell for myself, I know it’s right here on Earth. But guess what, I’ve seen Paradise too, so I know you can find a piece of Paradise for yourself if you try.

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