Blossoming From My Grandmother’s Garden

To my favorite Lady. My Grandmother is the first person I met in my life on this Earth. Since I was a little girl, I always considered myself a “grandma’s girl”. I remember always wanting to go to church with her. She always dressed me and my sister up in pretty dresses, stockings, and shoes. I remember feeling proud as I walked around with my grandmother. Most people in the church and around the town knew her. I remember when I was young, I was upset with my mother. I remember packing a little shopping bag and left home to go to her. My mother let me. I walked to the front of the complex to my grandma’s house. Thankfully I lived in a commumity where I could do that. My grandma told me I would go back home soon. Yet, I just wanted to see her, and that has always been enough for me. It made me calm, and gave me peace. I thank her for this.

My grandma is my favorite person, while my mother is the greatest person I know. When I am around my grandmother, I feel like a little girl again. Like a Princess. She is very feminine and always shows me ways to feel more attractive. I learned alot of my charming ways from her. I learned also alot about how I should be treated by a man from her. She taught me to not accept anything less than I deserve from a man. I thank her for this.

My grandma is also the ultimate caregiver. As a nanny, my grandmother have taken care of many children all over for decades. She is the wisest person that I know. I never leave her presence without a lesson, and she always bless me with house gifts. She also knows many natural remedies and is my nurse when I am sick. Everytime I am around my grandma, I feel like a little girl again. However, she also respects me as the woman I became. She is very misunderstood, but I accept her for who she is, as she’s accepted me. My grandma taught me how to accept myself no matter what other people think of me. I thank her for this.

For my grandma, who I love so dearly, I am very blessed to be her granddaughter. I have learned so much from her, and she still actively teaches me. Her wisdom has contributed to what others see in me. The old sage ways that I have, I learned from her. From watching her. From listening to her. From her stories, and the lessons she learned, she taught me. I am a wise woman, because I have the wisdom of her and my mother. I thank my grandmother for this, with Love.

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