She Deserves Better: A Dream for Black Girls

Black girls become future She-Ros without saviors. They become strong, independent, driven young women with warrior spirits. They become fearless, and fierce lovers with brave hearts. I love to see black girls smile. When I see them smile, I remember how hard it was for me to find my own at times. How hard my experiences were to me, and how tough I had to be. To Survive. To thrive. I had to be better. I had to be stronger. I had to be tougher. Then I was de-feminized. Ridiculed. Mocked. Copied. Discarded.

I have a dream for black girls. For the black daughters with tough mothers. No mothers. Unmothered. I have a dream for black girls with absent fathers. Neglectful fathers. Hard to deal with brothers. Unloyal sisters. I have a dream for black girls in communities that leave them broken, wounded, and in fear. I have a dream for black girls whose potential is unseen. Not celebrated, or praised. I have a dream for my black nieces.

My dream for black girls, is the dream for the black girl in me. For black girls to be loved and cherished. Not just for her gifts, but also her flaws. For her to feel secure in her own beauty. For her blackness to be celebrated in every shade. For her hair to be admired in every texture. For her character to be understood and not judged. Room for black girls to be imperfect without harsh ridicule. For patience before we call them, “fast”. For respect before we call them, “bitch”. For sexual freedom before we call them, “hoe”. For black girls to feel safe and protected. Safe from hunger, molestation, abuse, and prostitution. For black girls’ future to become a priority. For black girls to become fortunate in a world of biases and inequalities. For her pain to not become entertainment, or pleasure. Or desensitized. For her to not be a victim of hatred, but a victor of greatness.

I pray for black girls to learn more of their herstory. For them to be proud of themselves for who they are, and could be. For black girls to know they matter. For black girls to be trusted and surrounded by the trustworthy. For black girls to be healed and liberated; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. For black girls to be treated with tender care, patience and understanding. I pray for black girl joy.

My dream for black girls is dedicated to a black girl I know. She’s a black girl that is the daughter of a sister. I’ve seen her be tough in the midst of the conflict around her. A Black girl who lost her mother. Left with a father who’s selfish, hateful, and neglectful. Left with a grieving grandmother fighting for her. I pray for her, and I write for her. For her to be the priority, and not a pawn in an adult game. For her to be healed, and to be loved. She is Love. I cry for her. I dream for her. I am weary for her. She deserves better. Even from me. She motivates me to be better. Because she is apart of me. I dream for her freedom. For all black girls to be free.

Artist: Unknown

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