Do Men Have A Reason To Hate Women?

Why Do Men Hate Women?

I had a sistah tell me that in the book, “When God Is A Woman” that women pre-history would sacrifice boys, and keep men as slaves. That men are angry with us for what we did to them. Do you think this justifies centuries of oppression against women? I have never came across men who hate women state this is the reason for their hatred. In fact, I haven’t even came across any man that acknowledge women ever being in power or reading any books that disclose this information. So what is really the problem?

Many will say that “men are broken” and may hate women, because of overbearing, neglectful, and abusive mothers. Many children have mother wounds, and can harbor hatred towards women for the pain their mothers caused. However, this is NOT even MOST mothers. Most mothers, while not perfect, are not abusive towards their children or neglectful. We do, however, have an expectation of mothers to be perfect and have no faults, never tell us “NO”, always cater to us, never punish us, and never raise her voice. This is impossible for any human to accomplish, so why do we only expect this of mothers? Is the hatred of mothers really justified? Also when it comes to believing that “men are broken”, IceMountainFire argues that they indeed are NOT.

Some will say it’s womb envy, and the woman’s power to create life, but if men have power in all other areas, why hate women for having a piece? Also considering that no human is not born without the ejaculation of sperm, can’t men accept their role in the power they also have to create life. Without BOTH the man and the woman, there would be no humans. I think the whole womb envy is a bit ridiculous, especially considering that men also boast about their dominance in having a penis, and how men have used their penis and physical strength to exercise their power in raping women. It seems that men’s blood thirst for power and total domination can also fuel their hatred for women.

When I hear men who hate women, many will say things like women use them for money, women have rejected them, women have cheated on him, and women do not submit. However, women have dealt with this too. Many men have used women to appear more appealing to society to increase his own wealth. Many women have had men reject them, leave them for other women, and abandon them at their lowest. Many women have been cheated on by their male spouses. Hell, some men even expect women to accept their cheating despite it hurting women. Also, men are not open to submitting to women (unless he has a submission kink), so would this justify centuries of abuse, rape, and murder of women?

A quote I saw in a group:

“Anti-Simp culture has ruined men’s ability to connect with women.”

Have men ever “connected” with women? A lot people romanticize the relationships of decades and centuries ago, but if relationships were so great then, what was the purpose of the feminist movement? To counter this, men would say that feminism caused the divide between men and women. What I will say is that I didn’t hear of women say they Hated men until AFTER dealing with oppressive men, not having any political rights, and desiring to be financially independent. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What do you think?

If men do not have any justification for their violent acts and anger towards women, what does that make them? Their anger and aggression towards women could be biologically tied to their testosterone, but I am not a biologist. Their blood thirsty quest for the total domination of women, I believe, is rooted in fear. The fear of being vulnerable, submissive, and surrender to the power that the love of a woman provides. This vulnerability is scary for them, so instead they rather detach from their emotional (and spiritual) center and remain in power, control at all times. The more power he has, the less he feels he is conquering his fear of total intimacy with a woman. He also wants to prevent from being heartbroken in the failure of a relationship.

How many examples have he seen of women go into deep states of depression after a failed relationship? So he believes he conquers this fear with temporary women he has no long term interest with. Having love from a woman, without completely devoting himself to her, is protecting his fragile heart. It keeps him from surrendering, and giving into whatever power, he believes for her to have. Such cowardice, yet we tell the world how brave men are and how their heroic efforts saves us all. So….. he hates you, because he is afraid to love you.

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