Dear Black Women: You’ve done ENOUGH for the UNGRATEFUL.

Black men are always asking what black women bring to the table, and how we are going to keep them, and hardly express, do, or show us what they plan to do for us. I think in a patriarchy it is ridiculous to ask women what we must do for a man. Especially a black woman who is always going out of our way to please a man. I feel that patriarchy already sets high standards for women to behave as men want us to behave and do anything to cater to a man to keep him. I think it’s time for men to think about ways they can cater to us more after all the mistreatment and abuse black women have faced these last several centuries. We have ALWAYS given love, care, and support to black men to only in return have the highest out of wedlock rates, the highest NEW cases of HIV, the highest cases of domestic violence cases, the highest rates of molestation, the highest rates of intimate partner homicide cases, one of the lowest wages paid….. black men have to understand….. WE ARE TIRED, and alot of our struggles come from catering to men who put us in positions of struggle and oppression.

There are coaches, ministers, books, seminars, and workshops filled with women learning how to be wives, mothers, and healers of our communities, which most black men don’t already appreciate. We are already doing the work. It’s black men’s turn to put in the work for US. Instead many of them are threaten to abandon their communities more than they already have. Understand that black men started the concept of divestment to avoid their responsibilities to their community. They have ALREADY proven to be dishonorable, disloyal, and treacherous. No matter how much we as black women have poured into them and lifted them on our backs and shoulders, they just stand on us to get a better view of women they proclaim to be better than us. They rather spoil other races of women than their own women and children. They rather build a legacy with other races of women than us. They threaten to leave us when we refuse to be their slaves, and sex robots. They threaten to abandon us when it gets too tough. We tired of being pimped, and played to the left. And when we are fed up and keep it moving, we are ungrateful hoes and bitches for not being grateful for the breadcrumbs they have given us.

With all the disrespect, FUCK YOU!

Black women started movements for self-love, self-care, and selfishness to combat how poorly we have been treated and discarded when we hit rock bottom. We cut off the toxic people and dead weight holding us back. We grieve these loses, and still put smiles on our faces with tears in our eyes. We walk it out to drop the weight we carry from stress and burdens. We muster up strength and courage to face a world that proves to us daily that they hate us for no valid reason. We find unconditional love of self, in a world that hates our existence. We align with God and the Universe, when our elders do not have the answers to our question, WHY? We become our own best friend, when the friends we love have abandoned and betrayed us. We celebrate ourselves, when jealous people try desperately to tear us down. We have no choice, but to be soldiers, even though we dream of being Princesses and Queens. The war has been raging on against us for centuries, and we fight,  because we choose to live. We rest, because we are tried from fighting. We rejoice, because we are still alive. We laugh, because we are humble, yet confident. We smoke to escape the mental prison we built. We drink to take the edge off and let loose. We dance, to soothe our wounded souls. We sing, because we love ourselves and our real people. And if no man (or woman) can’t appreciate all.of.this and bask in our magic, our glory, our magic…. they will never deserved it.

Prove you are worthy.

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