Dating and The Boss Woman

The Boss Woman is a desirable woman, yet she is hated, because her position in life forces men to step her game up. In a desperate attempt to have the perfect picture of love and money, the Boss Woman may settle for men who do not bring as much to the table, and will most likely lose in the end. This article will give Boss Women a few tips on how to win in her career as well as her love life. Take notes and pay attention.

The Importance of “Hoeing In Secret”:

You will never hear me speaking publicly who I’m dating, fucking, or spending intimate with. This have always been because of my personal thoughts on intimate privacy. However as I became wiser to systematic patriarchy, I realized that the most important protect to a woman is LACK OF ACCESS. I honor my right to be sexual free and expressive, but I also understand the dangers of making myself accessible to every man and everybody. Men understand accessibility. Women should understand desirability and how “mystery” plays key role in such. Keep your pussy adventures private and remember that the quickest way to ruin your public image is to have a “hoe” reputation.

The only man who deserves an announcement is YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE and this is after carefully and wisely choosing a partner who will add value to your life, not embarass you for loving him/her, and will praise YOU in publically. A Boss Woman takes her gains and losses in private and just shows her living her best life. Also, many women will compete with the Boss Woman, and will try to take everything she has starting with her man. Keep your life as private as possible. You have no one to impress. You have your love, your money, and your health. That’s not something to brag about, but something to cherish.


Many Boss Women feel that since they bring money to the table, they just need a man’s love to be happy. This causes her to settle for broke men or men who are not providers, because she’s too prideful to be financed. Understand that when a man cherishes a woman he will provide for her and invest in her. He will cling tightly to the woman he is investing in, so he doesn’t lose out on his investment. If a man is NOT investing in you, he doesn’t plan to be with you long term, but is saving his money to invest in the woman he truly wants. Be sure that you let the man know UPFRONT, that you are worthy of being invested in to weed out the men that only want to play with you. You can not afford to be played with, because heartbreaks cost money. Be smarter, sis.

They say money can’t buy love, I beg to differ. Money will:

– feed, clothe, and shelter you
– keep you sleeping in a comfortable bed
– reduce your stress levels
– keep the bill collectors off your ass
– keep your business(es) operational
– prepare you for retirement
– take care of your children’s needs
– send you on destination vacations

Alot of sisters allow a man to get “comfortable” with short changing them. Alot of sisters are afraid to seek compensation for their time, love, energy, and their pussy. If you are laying up with, shaking up with, playing house with, sleeping with, or “building” with a man that sits back while you struggle, he doesn’t love you. If he is not determined to make sure you are living in luxury, but when it’s time to get some pussy or a meal, he expects to be rewarded. He doesn’t love you. If he loves you, he’ll make sure he works to achieve the proper finances to provide, even if you can finance yourself.

As a Boss Woman, you need a man who will invest in you. Be the love of his life, while the love of your life is your success. Your success will protect you in ways that a man won’t. Remember, that the greatest protection for a woman is money of her own. This prevents financial abuse, being stuck in homes with men you need to leave, and takes care of you and your children if he decides to leave. Protect yourself, Sistahs. To love yourself, is to protect yourself, before you wreck yourself.
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