Dark Femininity Alchemy

I want to talk about embarking on a “Good Woman” detox and embracing dark femininity. So many women drive themselves MAD trying to maintain the image of a good woman even when times call for her to be a bad bitch. A raging bitch. A ferocious beast. She wants to be palatable for men and maintain the image of a traditional feminine woman or for some a “good Christain girl” full of positivity and light. Look around you darling, we are in Hell.

How can a woman survive a man’s world without a bit of madness? Without a swift reaction to threats? Without being a bitch sometimes? Without asserting herself to dominate? But so many women are more concerned with finding a husband, that she shrinks herself more and more into a shell to uplift him higher above her. She feels catering to men will give her favor. Only to wind up broken like the rest of us bitches.

She’s gaslit into “healing” and hiding her broken heart behind rose tinted glasses. “It’s not a problem with all men, it’s just THAT man. I know a few “good men”, so the problem must be ME. I wasn’t feminine enough. I wasn’t agreeable enough. I was too assertive. I’m too dominate. I didn’t serve him enough. I wasn’t silent enough. I have unhealed childhood trauma, so I “attracted” him. My success threatens him. I didn’t set boundaries. I’m the problem.” Can’t set boundaries with demons, darling.

Internalizing the misogyny that tells a woman she’s not good enough and she’s too much at the same time. Driving herself mad to avoid naming the problem: toxic masculinity and patriarchy. She deeply internalizes self-hatred as a woman and never challenges the systems and people that seek to destroy her. Avoiding other “bitter” women so she can appear “different” and “special”. Her ego tells her to do what it takes to maintain her image as a “good woman” so she isn’t blamed for her abuse. So people will say she’s good enough for all of these “good men” out here. That’s she’s strong enough to maintain the purity that so many men tried to destroy.

How will she survive a man’s world without a bit of madness? How can she reclaim the darkness within and transmute it into JUSTICE? How can her rage save her? How can she regain her sanity after her mind was destroyed by patriarchy? Before she becomes a stepford robot? I challenge every sistah to find a dark Goddess to channel and go on a “good woman” detox. A Goddess whose machetes and storms clears lands and all the impure. Like Kali Ma and Oyá. A Goddess who can Seduce the Devil and make him her slave. And I invite you to just surrender to that rage within and let it teach you. I’m not encouraging you to hurt people unless you neccesary have to, but I want you to go on a journey of saving your sanity, walk through Hell like the bad bitch you are, and take a piece of Paradise every where you go. I will talk more about this here.

I promise on the other side of this is a Queendom where you will be loved, honored, and worshipped. But first we must REGULATE. There will be BLOOD. There will be TEARS. Their will be LAUGHTER. There will be JUSTICE. There will be PEACE. There will be JOY. And there will be YOU. Restored. Renewed. Revived. Saved.

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