The Underground Homosexual War Against Females

Disclaimer: This post is not to express any hatred or violence towards the LGBTQIA community, but to expose misogyny in all communities in the war against females.

This is a theory based on years of observation trying to identify the war strategy of phallic centric and womb envious patriarchy. Patriarchy is not anti-homosexual. Patriarchy is only anti-lesbian and anti-female. Its come through observation to realize that more XYs may possibly be gay or bisexual than we realize. The underground cults that many powerful XYs are talking about are XYs who engage in homesexual activities and fulfilling hermanphrodite fantasies with transwomen. The LBGT community would like to say that patriarchy is against the homesexual community, but I believe this mostly applies to females. Many forget that even the most powerful male patriarchs maybe gay or gender fluid or at least have LGBT partners in secret. I don’t think the war of patriarchy is against the homosexual community, but for it. The history of men having Male lovers is not new, and men love other men too. Another thing that women often overlook is that even gay men and transwomen can be misogynistic. However in the homosexual war against women, we tell women that gay men and transwomen are more oppressed than us even though this includes privileged and powerful white males. Is this a Jedi mind trick?

The patriarchal war to control the female (XX) is to control her reproductive capabilities. The only power that females have in patriarchy is the power to give birth. Females are not running governments, they are not running the banking institutions, they are not running the corporations, they are not running the educational institutions that teaches ideologies from patriarchy, we are not controlling the resources….. females are not controlling the system of patriarchy that this world operates off of. Its gay men and pedophiles running the system. Patriarchy is phallus worshipping and womb envious, full of narcissistic men who love themselves and other men ONLY. The men that control the system are not hateful towards gay males and transwomen. They are hateful towards females, and their sole objective is to control the female. This includes controlling the female image. This is why many gay males and transwomen perform femininity and try to redifine what a woman is. This is what patriarchy does. Its the same thing in different clothing. Changing our definitions, controlling our images, and then turn around and disrespect females. This is what I have not only experienced, but witnessed. Which lead my to question my feminism and which side of the war are the GBT on in the patriarchal war?

*Read the Great Cosmic Mother to understand the history of patriarchy taking control over matriarchal/focal/lineal socities*

The “gay agenda” of patriarchy is to eventually turn this into a gay man’s paradise. The covert way this is done is by imitating a heterosexual relationship in public, yet engaging in their homosexual relationships in private. This is why you see many “stunning and brave” men coming out of the closet now after living a heterosexual lifestyle most of their lives. I am prepared for much more the eventually come out of the closet. The ONLY thing a homosexual man (even the ones playing straight) needs a woman for is to reproduce. He would rather be surrounded by men living out his fantasy. I think a lot of women underestimate how much some gay men hate them. Talk about women around gay men and I have seen expressed revulsion to the mention of women. Or often times competition. Then people wonder why radical feminists are leaving feminist organizations behind because we see the movement no longer serves females. The movement is also becoming phallus worshiping and womb hating.

*Patriarchy is mother-hating, so women with sons, be aware……*

We wonder why XYs who claim to be woman loving yet has a long history of mistreating women? Because he doesn’t like/love women! The ONLY reason! I have spend years trying to figure out where the hatred towards the female comes from. For thousands of years of female oppression, that hatred stems from somewhere. The only thing that seems to be valid is that patriarchs are envious of the womb. This is why womb transplants are a topic right now. They want men to give birth to take away the only power that females have. The only thing keeping most females alive is the fact that we give birth. If we didn’t, I fear that feminicide will get worse. XYs see no other use for women but to have their children and serve them.

I am not posting this to strike fear into females. Do not stress what you can’t control. I am posting this because I have been seeing this war against females for the last few years, and been studying different strategies that are honestly being exposed by men if you really pay attention. I see this in phases.

– Homosexuals receive marriage rights
– More safe spaces for men to be open about their TRUE sexuality
– Colonization: To change sex on birth certificates (redefine what it means to be female)
– Colonization make the safe spaces that females have fought for inclusive to males.
– Final step: Transwomen getting womb transplants to give birth.
– Mission complete

*Note: This is not to say that homosexuals and trans*sexual do not deserve fundamental human rights*

Ways for Females To Become Self Protective/ Self Preserving:
– Obtain weapons to defend yourself
– Ask men openly about their TRUE sexuality
– Avoid being some man’s beard
– Form Sistah-Hoods with like minded women
– Detach from anyone that uses any form of abuse, manipulation or control tactics to take away your right to be self defining and self preserving.

Moving forward I just wish that black women will WAKE UP and #PeepGame. There is a covert war going on agaisnt the female. We can’t just afford to sit back and fail ourselves and our daughters. We have to RESIST and PUSH BACK. Ask yourself: Do gay men really like women? Pay attention and move accordingly.

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