As Long As It Ain’t Me

As long as it ain’t me getting played by these niggas.
My pussy is better and my personality is bigger.
Softer. More Docile. More Feminine.
I’m loved by my man and his men and them.
Well, now that I think about it.
I’m one of the men.
I love videos games. Football games.
Whatever they love, I love it then.

As long as it ain’t me being cheated on.
I have a faithful man that works hard for me.
Though he won’t marry me,
I’ve learned to just let things be!
I mean…. he’s gonna marry me one day, right?
Well I don’t care, because he comes home to me every night!

As long as it ain’t me, getting beated on.
He may have cheated on me.
He may gaslight me every chance he get.
He may call me crazy when I question him.
He may tell me it’s all in my head, when I ask him who he’s been with.
But I don’t have the man that other women get.
He’s a good man, because he hasn’t beaten me.
I’m fine with what I got, he’s been good to me.

As long as it ain’t me, not being chosen for promotion.
I have skills other women don’t have, that’s why I am chosen.
It didn’t matter that I am under qualified.
It doesn’t matter if other women were denied,
For being darker, natural, more opinionated.
Luck is on my side, it’s not that I appear less of a threat.
If I was like other girls, more demands would have to be met.
Sucks to be them!

See, I’m not like other girls trying to run the world.
I can be one of the boys, and still be a girl.
I don’t relate to the women who know pain.
I relate to the girls who only know gain.
By any means neccesary.
I speak on the contrary.
Because I’m different. I’m special. I’m the exception.
My femininity brings this kind of attention.
And being different from these hoes is my mission.
Let them suffer the consequences.
Of not aligning with patriarchy vision.

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